Mark your calendars—FIFA World Cup 2022 is here!

Did you know that more than half the world population aged four and over tuned in to watch the 2018 FIFA World cup? This massive event is back again, four years later, to smash records, keep football fans glued to their screens, and uphold the spirit of sportsmanship once again! Whether you're a pro player yourself who can pocket goals in every weekend match you play, or a novice who's still getting the hang of offside, or a sports enthusiast who just wouldn't miss watching the competition unfold, we're sure you have your calendars blocked for the next month!

Speaking of calendars, what if we told you that we'll take care of tracking the matches and results for you? You read that right. Zoho Calendar joins in the revelry of the FIFA World Cup 2022 with a fixtures calendar that you can subscribe to. This way, you can track all of the matches in your local time zone in your own Zoho Calendar account and even see the results updated from time to time!

Zoho Calendar FIFA 2022

If you haven't signed up for Zoho Calendar yet, then visit our site right away to get started. But if you still wish to have the schedule in your own calendars, you can download the ICS file here.

Our webpage has also been crafted to help you get updates on when the tournaments begin, what the upcoming matches are, and what the group standings look like, all updated in real time. So don't forget to check it out! As an added bonus, we also have a downloadable PDF schedule on our page!

While you are exploring Zoho Calendar, we encourage you to try these out!

Set up repeating events to automate regular meetings 

Do you have periodic meetings to attend that repeat at set intervals? Or are you trying to discipline yourself with regular reading or workout habits? Create these as repeating events and track them with ease!

Create and share calendars to a larger audience 

The FIFA World Cup is for the world, but do you also have events or schedules that will be relevant to a small part of the world? Create a calendar for such events and share it with your audience or make it public for anyone to subscribe to!

Manage multiple calendars in a single place 

You may have your personal events in one calendar, work events in another, and some more on your device calendars, too. Minimize the switch and track all of your schedules from a single place by syncing these different Calendars with Zoho Calendar.

Move around all you want, Zoho Calendar accompanies you 

The convenience of the Zoho Calendar app is also available on your mobile devices! Keep tab on your schedules even when you're not at your desk by installing the Zoho Calendar mobile app.

... and many more.

Head over to the FIFA World Cup 2022 webpage right away and let's get this journey kick-started! For instant updates on all things Zoho Calendar, follow our official Twitter page.

Happy Footballing! (Psst... Who are you rooting for? Let's comment!)


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