Stay Even More Organized With Notebook’s Exclusive Plans

It's been six years since we introduced a simple, beautifully designed note-taking app. Now, that little app has grown into an all-in-one productivity app with so many possibilities—not only for taking notes, but for collaborating effectively on your notes and boosting your productivity in many different ways.

We're so pleased to see many millions of notecards being created across platforms using Notebook, but we’re not done yet. We give our users much of the credit for Notebook’s incredible success because it's not just our efforts, it’s also your trust and relationship with us that has lead to that success.

Now, your favorite note-taking app is even more powerful, with many new features to take your productivity to the next level.

Whether you're an office worker, a student, or a homemaker, Notebook helps you with everything from taking notes to organizing tasks, but it can be even better! We're excited to introduce our Premium plans, which are great deals to meet more of your note-taking needs. But don’t worry, you can still use our free plan with all of the essential features you’ve come to rely on for your day-to-day tasks.

Notebook remains privacy-friendly and ad-free, and you can expect to see more handy features on the way in the days ahead. We're committed to providing you with quality features, no matter whatever plan you choose, and we're sure you're going to love it. Explore our exclusive plans below.

Enjoy extensive storage 

Never worry about storage space in Notebook—we've increased it to a massive 100GB so you can store numerous files. Now, don't worry students! You can still upload thousands of your daily assignments in the free version without any clutter. Also, the content you store is practically limitless with Notebook's Premium plans, where you can upload 1GB’s worth of files to your notes with ease.

Turn emails and tickets into notes 

Turning your emails into notes is quite handy, isn't it? Simply add important emails as notes and review them later. Now, you can add that ticket email you received for your next vacation as an organized note. Notebook’s Flight Cards beautify your ticket emails by providing the essential ticket details in a meticulous design that will make your work easier. Now, get to the airport on time without the last-minute stress of trying to find a misplaced plane ticket.

Collaborate effectively in notebooks 

Collaboration is more effective when you share your notebooks with your colleagues using Write access, and now you can share a whole notebook. Clarify each nook and cranny of your notebooks with your peers and be the first to present your ideas.

Set customized recurring reminders and record more  

Students, we have something for you here! With the new updates to the app, you can set customized, recurring reminders so you never miss any of your classes. Have you been taking notes all day? Give your hands a rest and record up to an hour of audio in your lectures, and listen to it on your way home from school.

Back up and publish notes 

Play it safe and back up your notes on Google Drive or iCloud and safely restore them anytime, across any device. Publish your work to the world by sharing the public shareable link, which will allow anyone to view your notes. Bring your inner talents to this digital world!

Search, tag and connect with us 

Get results to your searches in no time. You can search for text in an image and tag keywords with the help of Notebook's AI. Don't worry about a last-minute scramble to find specific notes. Think of Notebook as your second brain that will help you in your most important searches.

Looking for more information? Want to share feedback? Just ping or ring us with the dedicated phone line in the app—we're here to support you all the time! So update your Notebook app now, then choose the right plan that best suits your needs–Notebook Pro or Personal–and take your productivity up a notch!

Notebook for Businesses 

If you run a business, we do also have a plan to onboard your entire business into Zoho Notebook for free! Upgrade to the Notebook for Business plan to take your team's productivity to greater levels—store and manage your organizational files with more storage, manage access controls for the members of your organization, share and collaborate at the organization level in notebooks, and streamline your business effectively. Contact us at to avail the Business plan.

That's all for this time! Tell us what you like the most. Leave a comment with your suggestions or feedback, and follow us on Twitter @ZohoNotebook to stay up to date on new features. Happy note-taking!


10 Replies to Stay Even More Organized With Notebook’s Exclusive Plans

  1. I’m a student and see that notebook pro is free for students. How do I link my college email id to my personal account and use the pro plan?

    1. Hello Ram, We have" rel="nofollow ugc">Notebook Pro for individual users," rel="nofollow ugc">Notebook for Business for users who run businesses, and also a customized plan for educational institutions with great discounts, and" rel="nofollow ugc">Notebook Personal for non-signed users. To know more details about the plans, please reach out to us at

  2. Hi Kavya, I need some guidance with the notebooks. We have a 5 man team who has just started using Zoho notes. The problem is everyone has to find notebooks between their own notes and shared notes. We would like to have an additional tab that says "PRG Notes". This is where all business-related notebooks are kept. This way people just can go to one place and find all our business-related notes. is this possible? Thanks

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