Features that power up Writer's automation templates: Part 1

In continuation of our efforts to enhance your fillable forms experience, we are unveiling exciting new updates.

Power up your fillable workflows

Dynamically add and populate fields, perform live calculations, display fields conditionally, send prefilled form URLs as QR codes, and more with our new fillable features. Let’s dive into the details!

Simplify your form creation and sharing process

1. Dynamic field population

You can dynamically insert fields into your forms and populate them based on a user’s input.

Dynamic field population

Let’s say you’re an automobile salesperson and want to send personalized vehicle details to your prospects. With dynamic fields, you can add and auto-fill appropriate fields, such as the vehicle type, fuel type, and price, based on your prospects’ choices. No more manual work and delays!

2. Auto-populated field values

Automatically populate relevant fields with values from your data source to streamline the form-filling experience. You can also create dynamic pick lists for filling fields.

Auto populate field values

Say you own a business that operates in multiple cities, and you have to send agreements to vendors in each city for signing. With Writer, you can populate vendor information and other details from your database or CRM. This way, you generate a personalized form for each vendor.

3. Live calculations based on values entered

Instantly calculate and display results to users based on the values they enter on the form.

Picture this: You’re an industrial steel supplier. Since prices frequently fluctuate, every purchase order must display the latest price. With the Live Calculations capability, you just have to update the value per unit, and the total cost per quantity will be automatically calculated.

Live calculations based on values entered

4. Real-time conditional value display

Want to display fields based on specific criteria? Conditional fields are the way to go.

Real-time conditional value display

Let’s say you’re a banker and would like to display different interest rates based on a user’s age and account type. Simply configure the conditional fields to show interest rates based on details a user enters.

5. Secure, prefilled URLs

Protect your prefilled data with secure URLs. The data on your form won’t be exposed through URL parameters, because it is pre-filled with secure token-generated URLs.

Secure, pre-filled URLs

You can also prefill specific fields and share/send the associated QR code to a web form.

Try out these new features and share your feedback in the comments, or write to us at support@zohowriter.com.

We’ll take you through the exciting new options for form filling and submissions in part two of this blog.

Until then, happy writing!


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