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With the insurgence in technology adoption—especially integrations to ease the use of software—the need for proper security when maintaining data should be a priority. But, how can a business ensure they have adequate security? They can do this by adopting a secure password management solution. A type of software that helps businesses cut through the complexity of cybersecurity by providing secure features to protect data while allowing the business to develop internal processes without negatively impacting their daily productivity.

This blog will cover 

1) Choosing a secure platform

2) Moving beyond just password management

Choosing a secure platform  

Data today has become a goldmine, and securing this data has become a critical aspect of every business. Hence businesses have to set up passwords to secure their data in these applications. Managing multiple passwords, however, can be cumbersome and maintaining these passwords in documents or spreadsheets isn't secure. That is why storing passwords on browser extensions seems like the right way. However, this leaves room for login spoofing. In light of this, some businesses moved to adopting password management solutions.

With a substantial market devoted to password management solutions, users can unwittingly pick hacker-friendly solutions. By following some best practices you can make a more informed decision when it comes to choosing a platform to secure your data.

Choose a reputable solution 

Choosing the best-in-class solution for password management is crucial. Some things to consider when looking for a good solution for securing data are:

  • The software should feature a secure service provider with a privately hosted data center that is end-to-end encrypted 

  • The software stack should not be shared with any third-party services.

  • There should be no history of data breaches or records of data compromising.

Therefore it is best to choose a solution trusted by customers and reputable in the industry, because your data matters.

Make sure it encrypts all forms of private data

You must encrypt every form of sensitive information in the form of key credentials or private URLs, neglect this and it will result in a exploitation of other key data, originating from a single unencrypted URL. It is also important to make sure your master password is an encrypted unique key. You're the only one who should have this key, so no one—not even the service provider—can access your data.

Have trustworthy employees

The business should cultivate a sense of morality and foster integrity so employees naturally comply with the company's ethics as well as legal compliances. Employees should be trained to spot phishing emails and protect sensitive information with common sense procedures and best practices. Businesses should also make sure they hire professionals who build ethical co-working relationships, encouraging innovation and creation to reach the company's goals. Employees thereby trust each other and build a sense of autonomy. Thus, the business works as one with integrity. 

Moving beyond password management  

With this in mind, its high time you chose a password management solution that offers more than just password management. A solution like Zoho Vault offers security insights in dashboards that help you identify weak passwords so you can change them. With this solution you can share and monitor access privileges to respective personnel, and authorize access to everyday apps without passwords. Zoho Vault also tracks all sensitive password operations with their exhaustive audit trail. Incase of an account breach or your password was sold on the internet, you will know it through Zoho Vault's breach identification and dark web monitoring feature. In this way, you can secure all your data like usernames, passwords and other sensitive data.

Branching into more applications

Every business has their unique needs and they adopt software to run operations smoothly. However, over time, this results in software hoarding and excruciating password management leaving vital pieces of data scattered across multiple applications unsecured. To combat this, adopt a comprehensive operating system for business like Zoho One. This type of system addresses every nuanced complication that arises from running a business. Zoho One includes Zoho's password management solution, Zoho Vault. With this, your data is secured in one place with a password-less, single sign-on option.

Data security needs utmost priority - try Zoho One for free  

Zoho prioritizes data security with the utmost importance. The company values your data's integrity and takes extra preventive measures to ensure its safety. You can try Zoho One for free to see everything it has to offer in security firsthand.

Hopefully, this blog answered your questions about data security and privacy. If you have additional questions, comment down below, and someone will respond as soon as possible.

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