Launching PageSense and SalesIQ integration

SalesIQ and PageSense Integration

We're pleased to share with you the latest addition to our PageSense integration repertoire: SalesIQ, Zoho's live chat and customer support software. With this integration, leverage detailed reports to:

  • Analyze visitor engagement
  • Add richer context to chats
  • Boost conversion rates

Session Recordings and Goals in PageSense and SalesIQ integration

Let's take a look at a detailed breakdown of this integration's benefits and features.

Integration benefits: Intuitively engage visitors and increase conversion rates

With the PageSense-SalesIQ integration, you can pepper conversations with contextual information for more persuasive engagement. Furthermore, you can combine SalesIQ's and PageSense's engagement metrics to get a 360° view of visitor's journey. This empowers you to create a data-backed strategy your sales and marketing team can use to reduce the lead-to-sale time and optimize user experience on your website.

Integration highlights: Goals and Session Recording

Session Recording

View recordings of the visitor's experience browsing your website. 

Now you can view the complete playback of a visitor browsing your website before (or while) initiating a chat with them. With these Session Recordings, see the exact issue your visitor is facing and easily reproduce the scenario blow-by-blow for quick diagnosis. This will show you the exact issue your visitor is facing, allowing you to easily reproduce the scenario blow-by-blow for quick diagnosis. Engage visitors with complete confidence and provide them contextual solutions without going through several rounds of chats to understand their problem.

Session Recording in PageSense SalesIQ integration

Goals accomplished

View all the Goals (key actions visitors have taken on your website) set up in PageSense in SalesIQ as well. 

The Goals a visitor has accomplished will help you map their journey on your website to a relevant level in your conversion funnel. You can then tailor your chats to match the visitor's requirement and intuitively nudge them to convert.

Goals in PageSense SalesIQ integration

How to set up the integration

To get this integration up and running, make sure you have the Sales IQ code snippet and PageSense's tracking code installed in your page.

Also, remember to set up goals and create a session recording in PageSense.

Here's a step-by-step guide to setting up the PageSense-SalesIQ integration.

With the PageSense-SalesIQ integration you can start bridging gaps between live chat, engagement metrics, and visitor behavior data. Give this integration a spin and let us know what you think. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach us at We're always happy to help!


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