One time payout

Say you're a makeup company that has just launched a new app and you have a goal to reach 1 million downloads. The second you do it, there are cheers throughout the hall as all your people gather around, celebrating this collective achievement. There's music, dance, a pizza party and to reward this great energy, you decide to give them a small one-time bonus to commemorate this milestone because these things don't happen everyday.

How do you do that without disturbing your existing pay system? One-time payout.

How does that work? You go to the pay runs module, click the drop-down, select "One-time payout", enter the details in the fields and pay them. That simple.

To experience how this feature works in real time, sign up for a free trial and see what Zoho Payroll can do for you. If you'd just like an overview of the platform to learn how it could solve many of your business's payroll process problems, request a demo.

To learn more about other features or general knowledge about payroll, check out our knowledge base, Zoho Payroll Academy, for all things payroll.


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