Introducing Zoho Solo: The all-in-one toolkit for solopreneurs


Zoho has been innovating across various industries, creating products that enhance the business experience of millions of customers. In our mission to add value, we understood the vital role of solopreneurs and the importance of empowering them. We wanted to develop a product that enhances the solo business journey and serves as a dedicated business companion.

We're now excited to introduce our latest addition: Zoho Solo, an application tailored to meet the unique business requirements of solopreneurs. It seamlessly integrates the key business activities to provide a comprehensive experience.

Here's how Zoho Solo can elevate your journey.

Single, easily accessible contact database 

Manage all your business contacts from a single, centralized hub. Add and categorize them with tags, and associate relevant business information for better context, effective communication, and enhanced relationship building.


Effective and efficient organization of work items

Maintain a clear, real-time overview of your progress. Plan, organize, and track your daily tasks with meticulous detail, schedule events, and use reminders to keep you on track and stay more productive. 


Simplified finances and popular payment gateways

Track all your business expenses for a comprehensive view of your monthly expenditures. Manage income streams efficiently, generate and share personalized invoices instantly, and accept payments through a variety of payment gateways.


Tax compliance and supporting documents

Define tax rates and exemptions to ensure you remain compliant with tax regulations. Access a variety of comprehensive reports that simplify the tax filing process, saving you time and reducing stress during tax season.

Comprehensive business insights

Leverage powerful analytics to track your business performance in real time. Choose from a variety of reports that help you identify trends, optimize operations, make informed, strategic decisions, and maximize profitability.


Zoho Solo is tailor-made for solopreneurs who juggle multiple aspects of their business independently. Download and start your two-month free trial today. Once your trial ends and you're ready to start your subscription, our pricing begins at just $9.99 per month. 

Please note: Zoho Solo is currently available in the US and Canada, with plans to roll out in other regions gradually.

We look forward to hearing about your experience with Zoho Solo; we'd love your valuable feedback.


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