Introducing Zoho Payroll. Redefining payroll from chaos to simplicity

Anybody from the payroll department can tell you that there's more to payroll processing than just paying employees every month. The checklist of things to do never seems to end, and the saying "time is gold" fits like a glove.

Introducing Zoho Payroll

Even before a pay run, payroll staffs spend countless hours collecting information from multiple departments. The HR department shares details on employee compensation, new hires, retirements, and terminations. The finance team contributes ad-hoc payments like bonuses. From the leave and attendance management system, you get information on employee attendance and LOP information for accurate payroll calculation. Even employees submit information, like bills for reimbursement claims and tax-saving records. That doesn't even include keeping up with the numerous tax regulations and payroll laws. It takes a lot of dashing around to get all of this information on time, every month, and if you're a small business owner trying to do it all alone, it is nothing short of overwhelming.

With Zoho Payroll, we're trying to simplify payroll one location at a time. We're already supporting the payroll needs of US businesses in the states of California and Texas, with plans to expand to other states soon. Today, we are happy to introduce to you a complete end-to-end payroll solution custom-built for Indian businesses. It's a comprehensive system that empowers you to provide a polished, efficient payroll process for your employees.

Take a deeper look at how Zoho Payroll helps businesses in India to transform their hectic month-by-month experience into smooth sailing.

Zoho Payroll Dashboard Summary

Automated payroll calculation

Zoho Payroll helps you to process payroll quickly and pay your employees on time, every time. Distribute accurate gross-to-net pay-slips including a thorough breakdown of earnings, taxes, allowances, and deductions. Enjoy complete flexibility to pick your payroll routine, apply custom one-time or recurring deductions, share password-protected payslips, and pause pay runs for employees on unpaid leaves.

You can embrace Zoho Payroll at any time of the year. Whether you start with a clean slate at the beginning of the fiscal year or come in mid-year with your previous payroll data, you still get accurate year-to-date calculations.

Letting an employee go might be hard, but once the decision is made, Zoho Payroll makes the process easy. Termination payroll handles your employees' notice pay, leave encashment, and other exit requirements effortlessly.

Effortless payroll processing

Guaranteed statutory compliance and reporting

It's easy to keep your business on the right footing when it comes to mandatory government contributions using Zoho Payroll. Statutory component deductions including Provident Fund (PF), Labour Welfare Fund (LWF), Professional Tax (PT), Employee State Insurance (ESI), and Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) are all handled for every employee based on their pay scale, mandated percentage, and work location. You also gain complete visibility into your payroll expenses with our comprehensive collection of payroll metrics. 

Powerful administration tools for powerful work

Zoho Payroll comes with everything you need to set up payroll that fits your organisation. You can manage multiple work locations, personalize salary components for different pay grades, create allowances that reflect your culture, and define your organization's FBP, reimbursement guideline, and submission rules for IT declarations and investment proofs. With user roles and permissions, you can empower your staff to collaborate without losing your control. Templates for salary structures and payslips help you get more done in less time. Timely notifications and reminders ensure crucial organizational announcements don't go unnoticed.

Intuitive employee self-service portal

Delegate routine business tasks back to employees so you and your staff can get your work done. Employees can submit their reimbursement claims, tax-saving IT declarations, and corresponding proofs themselves. Real-time comments eliminate communication delays, helping your staff process employee requests faster. Employees can also view and download password-protected payslips, view up-to-date information including personal details, salary revision history, and loan status if any. They can even access all of these features when they are on the go, with our mobile app.

Payroll self-service portal

Pre-integrated with Zoho People and Zoho Books

Zoho Payroll integrates with Zoho People, our online HRMS solution, to manage the people in your payroll seamlessly. Employee directories, time and attendance, and LOP information from multiple work locations can be pulled effortlessly into Zoho Payroll during every pay run so you can calculate pay slips accurately for every employee.  

Enjoy automated payroll accounting with Zoho Books, our GST compliant online accounting software. Payroll journals are generated for each pay period's payroll expenses, including earnings, taxes, deductions and reimbursements. Customers who also use Zoho Books can take advantage of this feature in the US as well. Customisable charts of accounts on your expense and liability accounts keep your accounting books supremely organised.

Online salary payments through direct deposit

Zoho Payroll has joined hands with HSBC and YES Bank so you can seamlessly pay employees online. Readily downloadable bank advice after every successful pay run helps you to send money to your employees' bank accounts faster.

Payroll solution that's easy on your pocket

Zoho Payroll comes with a comprehensive collection of features priced affordably at ₹50 per employee per month, billed annually for a minimum of 20 employees. Mobile app for employees are available on iOS and Android platforms for free.

Payroll mobile app for employees

Try first, pay later

Experience what's on offer with our fully-featured 30-day free trial before upgrading to a paid plan. Use Zoho Payroll to manage payroll like a pro!

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11 Replies to Introducing Zoho Payroll. Redefining payroll from chaos to simplicity

    1. We are doing payroll for three states in the US now. We'd soon spread our wings to cover more states. We can't point a time frame to it, unfortunately.

  1. It was very useful for me. Keep sharing such ideas in the future as well. This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad to came here! Thanks for sharing the such information with us.

    1. Hello There, It's wonderful to hear that you landed in the right place and found exactly what you were looking for. Hopefully, you were able to take Zoho Payroll for a spin and explore its functionalities. Do watch out for more communication and updates from us on this space.

  2. Hi Christopher. This is a much awaited and laudable initiative to bring Payroll through Zoho platform. But I have a clarification. I've just checked Zoho Payroll and you know for Manufacturing Employees, like Workers, we cannot provide Emails. How to create Employees if Emails are mandatory?

    1. Hi Akheel, We are glad that you support our initiative to introduce Zoho Payroll for India. To address your query, we are working parallelly on relaxing the need to provide Emails for industries that do not necessarily collect Email addresses from employees. Alternatively, we will be adding a mobile field to help avoid the mandatory email field soon.

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