Customize your agile journey—announcing new features in Zoho Sprints

Many organizations and teams think about agile transformation. While evangelizing agile at Zoho, we realized that not all teams work the same way. Different teams have different structures and processes that vary with the product, people, and the culture. So, how should a tool like Zoho Sprints help teams follow a disciplined framework like Scrum while allowing them to be flexible in their approach?

Custom fields and layouts—empowering teams to craft their journey

We're excited to announce that you can now add custom fields and build customized layouts with ease. You can simply drag and drop a custom field to your layout and capture information that's contextual to your business. Your custom fields can be text, numeric, predefined pick lists, or even user pick lists.

Custom Fields in Zoho Sprints

For instance, you can document the acceptance criteria of your work items using a text field—and you can even add new sections to your layout. Let's say your testing teams want to document their test cases. You can simply drag and drop a new section to your layout, define custom fields like HTML snippets and booleans, or choose from over fifteen different types of fields.

Personalized views—zooming in with perspective

If you want a report of the high priority work items that your team completed for a particular release, you can get this information by creating custom views. Creating a custom view is simple. Just define the criteria of your custom view by applying filters on default or custom fields. The custom views can be saved and accessed publicly, kept private, or shared with select users on your team.

Custom Views in Zoho Sprints

Project templates—streamlining your recurring projects

When beginning a new project, you may want to use the customization settings from an archived one. We understand that it would be time-consuming to recreate work items or sprints for every new project—so to help you maintain the spirit of agility, we've provided an option to clone your existing projects into project templates. You can also create a new project template, configure its settings, and apply this template while creating your next project.

Project Templates in Zoho Sprints

We hope these powerful features help you better craft your agile journey. Go ahead and customize your projects and let us know what you think!

Happy Customizing!


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