What's brewing with Zoho Sprints: integration and extension updates

ZohoSprints – Integration and extensions

To help you manage your agile projects even more effectively, the team at Zoho Sprints has been crafting new integrations and extensions that cater to your unique business needs. These tools aim to support you in producing high-quality deliverables in fewer iterations.

Azure DevOps Pipeline  integration

Manage your Azure DevOps Pipeline builds directly from Zoho Sprints. Simply install the extension and start setting deadlines for your builds by linking them to respective work items. This extension helps you view and access your Azure DevOps Pipelines in from a single platform. Mapping CI/CD pipeline builds to Sprints has never been so easy. Download the extension to get started.

Azure DevOps Pipelines & Zoho Sprints Integration

AWS CodeCommit integration

Start linking your commits in AWS CodeCommit with your work items in Zoho Sprints. Using quick commands in your commit message, you can update the Status and Priority fields of multiple work items in a single click. When there is a commit or pull request, your agile team will get notified. Download the extension here.

AWS Code Commit & Zoho Sprints Integration

Zoho BugTracker integration  

 Integrate your Zoho Sprints account with Zoho BugTracker to track and manage your bugs. Synchronising existing projects with Zoho BugTracker, helps in managing your bugs and delivering your product seamlessly. A two-way synchronisation aids in easy billing of log hours of bugs that co-exist on Zoho Sprints and Zoho BugTracker. Click here to learn more about the integration.

Bug Viewer extension

The Bug Viewer extension makes it easy to view bugs that are spread across various sprints so your agile team can prioritize and resolve them more quickly. The extension also sends out notifications when there is a new comment or status update related to a bug. Check out the extension.

Bug Viewer Extension for Zoho Sprints

At Zoho Sprints, we are committed to helping you streamline your agile project management process. We'd love to hear how you're putting these integrations and extensions to use in the comments below!


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