Improve your business agility with these latest updates in Zoho Sprints

The need to constantly reinvent the wheel has become an integral part of the “new normal”.  A hallmark of an innovative organization is when they remove the stigma of failure and provide a safe environment for iterative and incremental development. To help teams fail fast and succeed faster, we've released some new product enhancements in Zoho Sprints.

Stakeholder Management

The needs of your clients and customers evolve with time. This means, your projects are often subject to change. Most projects fail because of a lack of communication with project stakeholders. The tenets of communication and transparency are as important for external stakeholders as they are for internal project members.

Client Users in Zoho Sprints

In addition to our integration with Zoho Meeting, we've introduced a dedicated portal for your clients and vendors to access your projects. Through these portals, external stakeholders can validate their ideas, track progress, and share their feedback. You can customize the projects and modules external users have access to. We recommend involving them early on, so that your teams are ready to embrace change rather than react to it.

Advanced Analytics

While managing a project portfolio, the inability to co-relate data from multiple sources can slow down decision-making. We've introduced an integration with Zoho Analytics that empowers portfolio managers with actionable insights. More than 100+ visualizations across all modules are embedded in Zoho Sprints to help improve your business agility.

Advanced Analytics in Zoho Sprints

Along with our AI assistant and a powerful forecasting engine, teams can also drill down data and perform What-if Analysis with multiple variables. For instance, you can measure the impact on your upcoming release if your team overshoots a sprint or experiences unexpected delays with resolving bugs.

Developer's Toolkit

We've enhanced our integration with GitLab and introduced a CI/CD module where development teams will be able to track the stage, status, and duration of jobs across pipelines. Teams can also integrate with Azure DevOps and keep their repositories in sync with their projects’ latest progress.

GitLab-Zoho Sprints

Our latest integration with Zendesk helps developers and support agents collaborate with context and resolve customer issues faster. When your developers empathize with the pain points of your customers, it helps them build customer-centric products.

In other news, Zoho Sprints is stepping into its fifth year of product development. We're grateful for the support of our customers and partners in our journey to grow and continuously improve.

Zoho Sprints PM Quote

We hope our recent product enhancements have been beneficial for you and your teams. We'd greatly appreciate it if you could help us create a better experience by participating in this survey.  You can also share your feedback with us in the comments below.


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