Project management at your fingertips: All about the Zoho Projects iOS update

Business software that is thriving post the remote work culture are those that offer multi-platform support. Especially for project management, it’s about bringing people together. Hence collaboration and usability across platforms are crucial.


We’re happy to introduce these new updates in our iOS apps to make your mobile project management experience smoother and more effective. Connect with your team and be in the know from anywhere— whether you’re lounging on your couch with an iPad, at your desk on your laptop, or taking a stroll with your mobile. The Zoho Projects iOS apps make your project management experience simple. Dare we say it brings it to your fingertips (literally)? 🙂

Keeping up to date

The Calendar module is now available in our iOS apps. Similar to the web app, users can access their tasks, issues, milestones, and events from the Calendar view. Built to co-exist with the iOS ecosystem, this module has different views like the monthly view, weekly view, and day & agenda views to help you view and work with data as preferred.


Planning on the go

One of our most awaited features is here! Gantt charts in iOS apps. Not only can you keep track of your project timeline from anywhere in the world, you can also plan and schedule your work on the go. What’s more? We also provide Apple Pencil support for iPads.

Here’s what you can do with Apple Pencil actions:

  • Set task dependencies with a stroke
  • Schedule and reschedule tasks by dragging and dropping them
  • Close tasks with a tick

  • Create tasks using two modes –
  1. Draw mode: You can create tasks by drawing a rectangle
  2. Scribble mode: Create tasks by scribbling the task name anywhere on the screen
  • Update task progress with a clockwise or anticlockwise swerves

What are you waiting for? Get those fingers plotting (plans) right away! You can download our iOS app from the App store here.

PS: We’re working on this same update for Android and it will be released soon. We’ll keep you posted about it!



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