ProTips: 4 ways to boost the efficiency of contact center agents (remote work special)

This is a guest post by Acefone.

Contact centers are often the first touchpoint for customers. From a pricing query to a product demo request, callers seek a wide range of information and solutions. Thus, agents at these centers must have comprehensive knowledge and stay well-connected with other teams.

With work from home, connecting these agents to the central business became a priority. Then other challenges came along with the move to remote work:

  • Monitoring: Managers were unable to track the remote agent’s performance, leading to lower first call resolutions
  • Multiple devices: Spanning across different cities and devices meant using a variety of tools
  • Collaboration: Field agents needed to collaborate with the head office to resolve customer queries

Contact Center as a Service, or CCaaS, is one cloud service that makes it easier to run contact centers even remotely. Offering a unified communication platform, CCaaS improves contact center productivity through vital features like call forwarding, call tracking, and more.

Even better—service providers look after system updates, security patches, and regular maintenance so businesses can focus on more important matters.

That said, to achieve success, organizations must look beyond a reliable provider and a robust solution. Here are some ways they can boost agent productivity and efficiency.

ProTip 1: Automate to accelerate

Entering data, following up on leads, emailing clients—there is a range of mundane tasks that take up a considerable amount of your agents' time and effort. With the right tools, these tasks can be easily automated, giving your agents time to focus on more important issues.

In general, CRM software is tasked with making customer management easier and more efficient. Zoho CRM does this by automating repetitive jobs and streamlining lead processing. With its award-winning AI—Zia—Zoho understands your business operations and suggests the most productive workflow for tasks.

With the workflow rules you create, you can automate subsequent actions when a particular criterion is met. Add to that Acefone’s superior cloud telephony tools, and you have a complete communication system that never lets you miss any important tasks.

ProTip 2: Catch ‘em where they are

The way to stay on top of multi-device users is for businesses to go omnichannel, and Acefone offers one of the most comprehensive omnichannel solutions. With cloud communication tools, you can reach out to customers on all of their devices. More importantly, they allow customers to use all communication platforms to connect with your business—social, email, text, or calls.

With the robust Zoho CRM integration with Acefone, you can keep track of all customer engagements and ensure that your agents can access all customer interactions and history. This helps customers with quick resolutions and improves the overall productivity of your contact center.

ProTip 3: Secure your leads

Lead management is often very stressful. Constant follow-ups make closing a deal a lengthy and time-consuming process. Identifying strong leads and pitching them the right product on the call is crucial to conversion.

The integration of Acefone and Zoho offers a range of features that assures conversions. Zoho’s AI tracks customer interactions with agents, purchase histories, and patterns to understand their requirements. Once done, it provides your agents with recommendations of the product, service or bundles, and packages of your offerings, which they can then pass to the caller.

Moreover, the integrated platform also allows you to identify the best times to contact your leads. All of this not only helps you get a higher conversion rate, but—knowing what best suits your caller—also significantly improves the customer experience.

ProTip 4: Don’t just read, analyze

Using metrics like first call resolution, average handling time, abandoned call rates, call transfer rate, and customer satisfaction score, Acefone with Zoho helps you track agent performance. All of these statistics are displayed on a user-friendly online portal, which can be extracted and converted into powerful charts and graphs to show how well your actions have helped the company.

Metrics help businesses define and stick to key performance indicators (KPIs). A more organized contact center will open doors to enhanced customer satisfaction and increased customer calls.

Wrapping up

The impact of the pandemic on businesses has been greatly lessened by emerging technologies like cloud communications.

Well into the pandemic, the first stage of adoption is now complete. For the next step, businesses must acclimate themselves to these new technologies and explore how to best utilize the numerous features and benefits for business success.

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