Introducing ZDialer—a browser extension for a better calling experience

Teams that focus on outbound calling usually find it tedious to manually copy and paste a phone number in the dial pad to place calls. To make things easier, Zoho Voice has released a new browser extension to handle calls. Now, you can enable click-to-call on all webpages and make outbound calls with a single click.

ZDialer automatically detects phone numbers on a webpage and shows a call button next to them so you can make calls immediately. Select any text in a webpage, and ZDialer shows a click-to-dial pop-up if it is a phone number. You can also receive calls in a call pop-up from any webpage you're on.

ZDialer is now available for both Chrome and Firefox browsers. All you need to do is go to your browser's extension store, add the extension to your browser, log in to your account to activate ZDialer, and start making calls. If you're already logged in to any Zoho app, ZDialer automatically logs in through single sign-on.

See the full instructions for installing ZDialer for Chrome and Firefox in our guide.

What does this extension offer?

  • Open a dial pad by clicking on the extension icon from the tool bar. Make calls to unsaved numbers from the dial pad.
  • ZDialer allows you to choose a default number to use for making calls. Select the required caller ID from the dropdown box in the dial pad.
  • Call transfer is supported in the extension so you can transfer calls to other Zoho Voice agents mid-conversation.
  • Enable a ZDialer dial pad widget at the bottom right corner of all your favorite Zoho apps so you can quickly make calls using the dial pad.

  • Check out all your call records from the Logs tab. However, recordings and voicemails cannot be accessed from the extension for now.
  • Choose if you want to receive calls in all active tabs or just in Zoho app tabs. You can also mute call notifications using silent mode and disable incoming calls using Do-Not-Disturb.

With these browser extensions, we've eliminated the hassle of switching tabs to manage your calls. ZDialer doesn't require any extra cost, either—everyone with a Zoho Voice account can use it for free. Create your Zoho Voice account and get the new browser extensions from the Chrome and Firefox stores. Enable ZDialer in all your webpages now and reach out to your prospects and customers much quicker than before.


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