Announcing Zoho Sign extension for Microsoft Teams

Zoho Sign extension for Microsoft Teams

Collaboration in modern workplaces can be similar to solving a jigsaw puzzle. You need to find the right tools that easily integrate with one another to achieve increased productivity and efficiency. Working while having to navigate through a clutter of multiple application windows, browser tabs, and taskbar icons can decrease productivity and negatively affect collaborative output.

At Zoho Sign, our sole objective, as a digital signature app, is to enable professionals to initiate paperless signing workflows, connect with signatories, and manage signed documents from a single screen. Our focus has always been to drive tighter, end-to-end integrations with other business tools and platforms across multiple domains.

Our commitment to supporting a collaborative work environment is evident from our notable integrations with G SuiteOffice 365Zoho CRMWriterPeopleRecruit, Forms, Creator and Deluge. With that goal in mind, now we've launched an extension that integrates Zoho Sign with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is a leading collaboration platform used by 329,000 organizations worldwide, including 87 of the Fortune 100. This platform combines several key workplace functions such as chat, meetings, notes, and resource sharing into a single application. As a part of Microsoft's Office 365 subscription suite, it seamlessly integrates with other tools in the suite to offer added functionality, as well as a marketplace for extensions to integrate with non-Microsoft products. By extending Office 365's single sign-on (SSO) access to Zoho Sign for Microsoft Teams, there is now a one-stop collaboration solution that effectively reduces all your work to a single application screen.

Install easy.

To use the Zoho Sign extension for Microsoft Teams, simply head over to the Microsoft Teams Store, search for the extension, and install it.

Zoho Sign dashboard inside Microsoft Teams

Upon installation, you will be prompted to log into your Zoho account to access Zoho Sign. If you're an existing Zoho user, you can simply log in using your Zoho credentials. If you do not have a Zoho account, you can use Office 365's SSO to authorize Zoho Sign within Microsoft Teams and log in to your newly created account. After logging in, you will be able to use Zoho Sign from within the Microsoft Teams interface.

Zoho Sign dashboard inside Microsft Teams

Derive maximum usage with minimal effort.

Imagine being part of an office secretary workgroup where you constantly deal with paperwork; creating documents, getting them signed, managing the signed documents, making and circulating copies, etc. Wouldn't it be even more tedious if you had to launch a new application or window, or run up and down the workplace with paperwork, every time you needed to complete one of these tasks?

With the Zoho Sign extension for Microsoft Teams, you can eliminate these hassles. You can now accomplish all of these tasks from the comfort of your seat on just one application screen on your device! Access all of Zoho Sign's features as you seamlessly create, import, send documents for signatures, and share signed documents on the cloud, all from one platform.

Accomplish more.

Do you want to circulate the registration form for an event among co-workers? Simply upload the Template, create a linked SignForm, and share the URL via chat channels.

Do you want to send documents to your field executives for getting customer signatures? Upload the document and initiate a signing workflow to trigger an In-Person Signing session, with the field executive as the host and the customer as the signer.

You can check the extension out on Microsoft Appsource here. Pricing for a standard Zoho Sign license starts from $10 per user per month when paid annually. For a personalized demo of the product, please write to support(at)zohosign(dot)com.

Explore endless possibilities to make your job easier with Zoho Sign for Microsoft Teams and tell us how it helped you! Feel free to follow this space for further announcements on other exciting developments. As always, you can leave your feedback in the comments below.

Happy Signing!


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