4 different ways to track employee time and attendance

Tracking your workforce’s time and attendance data accurately can help your organization process payroll, generate error-free invoices for clients, maintain compliance with the labor laws governing your region, and stay on top of everything your employees are working on.

4 different ways to track employee time and attendance

Here are four different ways to track your employee’s time and attendance:

  • Time and attendance system: Enables your employees to digitally record their total working hours, track how much time they spend on different projects, and apply for leave.

  • Biometric devices: are often installed at the office reception desk so employees can scan their biometrics upon entry and exit from work. Used for calculating the total working hours.

  • Spreadsheets: Allow managers to enter the list of all the projects that employees are working on and employees to enter the time they spend completing specific tasks.

  • Attendance registers: are physical booklets kept at the reception desk so that employees can manually sign them and enter their working hours upon entering and leaving the office.

Read more about the different ways to track time and attendance in our HR Knowledge hive.


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