4 steps for adopting 360-degree feedback for your organization

The 360-degree feedback system is a holistic feedback method that helps managers provide fair reviews during the appraisal process. Feedback on performance from multiple people, whether it's an employee's peers, subordinates, or managers from other departments, allows managers to understand the person's strengths and weaknesses from different perspectives. Here are four steps involved in implementing 360-degree feedback for your employees:

  1. Get a clear idea of which aspects of employee performance you wish to improve. Help your employees understand what to expect from the 360-degree feedback process and how it is going to be useful.

  2. Determine the performance-related questions to be provided to the raters and decide how you are going to gather all the insights.

  3. Define the criteria for selecting the raters and decide who can select them, whether it's managers, employees themselves, or both.

  4. Encourage managers to interpret rater feedback and include those insights as part of their performance feedback.

Read more detailed information about the 360-degree feedback system, its pros, its cons, and the different steps involved in adopting it in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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