3 hacks to level up your SMS game

3 hacks to level up your SMS game

This is a guest post by Infobip.

SMS is one of the most dominant customer engagement channels. SMS has been adopted by many businesses to send both promotional and transactional messages. To use the channel effectively and get the most out of SMS, here are a few hacks you can follow:

1. Align with local regulations  

Every region has different regulations, so it’s important that your SMS strategy aligns with these local regulations.

Here’s a short checklist of the most important regulations you’ll need to be aware of:

  • Opt-ins and opt-outs collection.

  • Customer data management in case of GDPR.

  • Type of senders: in some countries, only numeric senders are allowed, while other countries allow only alpha senders. 

  • The ideal days and times to send promotional messages so that they’re most effective.

 2. Personalize  

A mobile phone is considered a very private space for customers. Therefore, it’s important to communicate relevance to avoid getting blocked. Sending personalized communication can solve that. Personalization is not only about approaching someone by their “first” and “last” names. It also involves sending relevant messages at the right time. Avoid sending general messages such as a “one size fits all” offer that will make them opt out.

3. Be short and precise 

Generally, the attention span of people is momentary. An SMS is limited to 160 characters, which is ideal for recipients who are moving quickly through their messages. Keep your communication short and mention the key points right at the beginning. 

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