5 tell-tale signs that your organization's culture requires a change

Your company culture can make or break your organizational success. It impacts how external stakeholders, like candidates, suppliers, and customers, as well as internal stakeholders, like employees and managers, perceive your organization. It also affects how they manage their associations with your business. For instance, your employees would be more than happy to refer your products and open roles to their acquaintances if you establish a healthy corporate culture that highlights your organizational values and mission.

5 Signs of toxic work culture

On the other hand, a toxic work culture can make employees lose interest in the work your organization does, increase employee turnover, and reduce customer retention. If you are looking to understand the nature of your organization’s culture, here are five signs that it could need improving:

  • Employees are constantly demotivated, stressed, and demoralized. They take leave often because they are disinterested.

  • Managers and top-level leaders decide what employees should know and are not very open about their business operations. Two-way feedback becomes a rare sight.

  • Rules, regulations, and policies that apply to employees are super rigid and are not compromised even when employees face an emergency.

  • Workplace relationships are extremely poor, and team members are always at odds with each other. There’s no proper process in place to resolve conflicts.

  • Employees keep leaving the organization and the HR department finds itself recruiting, training, and replacing employees very often.

It’s important to identify the signs of a toxic workplace culture at an early stage and take measures to mend it and establish a healthier work environment that your employees will enjoy. Head over to our HR Knowledge Hive to read more detailed information about the signs of toxicity in the workplace along with tips to overcome it.


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