7 ways to increase your remote team's productivity

While employees work remotely, many factors including lack of communication, non-collaborative work environment, and other distractions can hinder your employee’s productivity. While you may be tempted to improve productivity by monitoring employees closely or telling them what to do and what not, these micromanaging practices may not be sustainable.

7 tips to increase remote employee productivity

Here’s how you can improve your remote team’s productivity by adopting a people-first approach:

  • Encourage managers to help employees create a proper schedule of all tasks they are expected to complete in a day/week/month.

  • Set up robust communication tools that help your remote employees stay connected, brainstorm, share files, exchange ideas, and make decisions, no matter where they work.

  • Make it a point to organize face-to-face online meetings once in a while to help your remote employees get along with their team.

  • Provide the necessary emotional support to help employees wade through the anxiety and fear caused by the ongoing pandemic.

  • Ensure that none of your employees are being micromanaged by your team managers. Educate managers on how harmful micromanagement can be.

  • Discourage employees who overwork and identify signs of burnout before it starts to affect other aspects of your organization. Encourage managers to set realistic deadlines, listen to employees’ concerns, and receive their feedback.

  • Use HR software to simplify and automate HR tasks that can be time-consuming when done manually.

Making some small changes to how you manage your remote employees can go a long way towards making them productive. Improving employee productivity, while keeping their well-being in mind, can make all the difference in the way your remote employees work. Read more about the different ways to improve remote employee productivity in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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