HR tech basics: 5 benefits that come with using an attendance management system

Investing in a cloud-based attendance management system is the need of the hour. At a time when more and more organizations are striving to provide an exceptional working experience to their employees, holding your employees back with old-fashioned HR processes will put your organization at a competitive disadvantage. Technology like an attendance management system makes everyday HR tasks seamless. Here's how an attendance management system can benefit your organization:

  1. Enables employees to mark their attendance online and stores the attendance data in a centralized system.

  2. Integrates with leave and shift management systems to convert employee absences into leave, and lets managers know about employee availability during shift assignments.

  3. Provides multiple, intuitive reports that show the number of hours an employee has worked, their overtime hours, etc.

  4. Allows employees to mark their attendance from anywhere, thus supporting flexible working conditions.

  5. Makes employees accountable and productive by preventing negative attendance practices like buddy punching and time theft.

Read more about the benefits of an attendance management system in our HR Knowledge Hive.   


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