HR tech basics: 5 steps to choose the right performance management system for your organization

Choosing the right performance management system is critical to reaching your performance goals and providing strong performance feedback. The performance management system that you choose should be simple and align with what your organization wishes to accomplish. Here are five steps involved in selecting the right performance management system:

  1. Clarify how you want to conduct performance reviews, the performance management challenges you want to prevent, and what you need the system to do.

  2. Look out for features like self-appraisals, goal tracking, and multi-rater feedback that can help you achieve your performance goals and make the process more useful to your employees.

  3. Ensure your performance management system has the right capabilities to integrate with other HR systems like training and payroll to reduce extra work.

  4. Reach out to the vendors whose offerings complete your checklist, get a detailed demo of their products or sign up for a free trial, and learn about their pricing.

  5. Introduce the finalized performance management system to your employees, and provide a brief training on how they can use the system to their advantage.

Read more detailed information on how to choose the right performance management system for your organization in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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