Creating the ideal remote work culture

With many organizations going completely remote, it’s more important than ever to establish a digital work culture that helps employees stay engaged and thrive no matter where they work from.

Establishing a remote work culture

Technology provisions, employee management strategies, and team collaboration tools are just some areas that should be adjusted to suit a remote work environment. Here are some helpful tips for building a strong and healthy remote culture:

  • Build a transparent communication system that ensures every remote employee stays aware of what’s happening in your organization. Encourage managers to inform their team about any important advancements or business updates.

  • Help employees feel more connected by implementing an internal chat system where they can coordinate with their teammates and get their work done easier. An intranet is another great tool for discussion and collaboration.

  • Provide employees with the tech tools and support they need to be productive remotely. This can include e-learning tools, project management software, VPN connections, and more.

  • Organize digital team-building activities on a regular basis to help employees overcome isolation and enjoy some relaxed time with their coworkers.

  • Don’t forget to recognize your employee’s efforts just because you aren’t seeing them face-to-face. Educate managers about the different avenues that they can use to appreciate employees.

  • Make employees aware about the remote work culture at your organization. If they know about the tools and opportunities available to them, it will be easier for your remote employees to stay engaged.

Read more about how organizations can build an ideal remote work culture in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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