How HR professionals can leverage social media

Social media has become one of the key components of every organization’s business strategy. They use it to build better relationships and stay connected with their clients, employees, leads, and candidates. With that said, HR teams use social media platforms primarily to advertise job openings.

Leveraging social media as an HR professional

However, social media can be much more than a collection of job openings. In this article, we are listing the four different ways you can boost your people management strategies with social media:

  • Take your recruitment efforts to the next level by identifying the social media platforms on which your potential candidates are most active and improve your presence on those platforms. This way, you can reach passive candidates and improve the quality of your hire.

  • Boost employer branding efforts by reflecting what your organization stands for in your social media posts. A day in the life of your employee, employee-generated content, and behind the scenes posts are some great places to start.

  • Improve the training participation rate by making engaging social media posts that get your employees excited. It can be used to understand what learners expect, introduce tutors, share knowledge, etc.

  • Take employee recognition posts to social media for a greater impact on employee engagement, satisfaction, and morale.

Social media opens up different avenues for businesses to connect with candidates and employees and to engage them in different ways. The success of these initiatives depends on how well you implement them. Head over to our HR Knowledge Hive to learn more about how you can integrate social media with your HR strategy.


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