How to grow exceptional leaders within your organization

Equipping your middle-level and senior-level managers with strong leadership skills is essential, especially since they often have a great impact on other employees. Leadership skills determine how your managers approach their teams, offer support, and delegate tasks to different employees.

Tips to build better leaders

Here’s how you can prepare your managers to become better leaders at your organization:

  • Offer support, feedback, and resources that help managers make decisions and manage their teams independently. Be sure not to micromanage them.

  • Conduct training programs that help your employees build soft skills, including decision-making, team building, and emotional intelligence.

  • Develop mentorship programs by identifying senior leaders who live by your organizational values and pairing them with newer employees.

  • Delegate tasks in a way that allows each of your employees to work on high-impact and demanding tasks that involve skills related to planning, collaboration, and execution.

  • Encourage your senior management and C-level leaders to apply the organization’s values in a way that inspires employees.

Read more about the tips to build better leaders in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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