Connect With Your Colleagues On-the-Go With the Zoho People iPhone App

Consider this scenario. You are away from your desk and you urgently need to reach out to one of your colleagues. That person not being a frequent contact, you do not have the phone number. Now you have to get back to your desk to pull out that information.

“Human resources are like natural resources; they’re often buried deep. You have to go looking for them, they’re not just lying around on the surface”

said Sir Ken Robinson, an internationally renowned educationalist. This reminds us about the importance of the need for people in an organization to reach out to each other. This is exactly what the iPhone App for Zoho People is meant for.


With Zoho People for iPhone, you can easily connect with any colleague even when on the move. It puts your organization’s address book right in the palm of your hand and lets you find and contact colleagues from any department quickly. Here’s why you’ll enjoy using the Zoho People iPhone App:

  • Perform a quick search for your colleagues by department, name, email and even blood group!
  • Search for colleagues based on their skill set, interest or hobby using their tags.
  • If you frequently chat or meet up with some of your friends in your department or organization, mark them as favorites with a single tap and save time by avoiding repetitive contact searches.

What’s next? Download the iPhone App for Zoho People today from iTunes and connect with your colleagues On-the-go.

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Android lovers, please stay tuned as we’re also working on an Android version for Zoho People.


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  1. Thanks for your feedback. Customised "requisition" and "application" forms are very much part of our plans. Stay tuned for updates!

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