Top 5 activities associated with human capital management

Human capital management (HCM) strategies are becoming increasingly relevant as employee expectations evolve. Employees expect to work in an uplifting work environment that motivates them to contribute towards organizational success. The core aim of HCM is to streamline HR operations in a way that enables employees to bring out their best efforts.

What are the key activities associated with Human Capital Management?

Here are five activities involved in HCM:

  1. Streamline recruiting practices by identifying key organizational goals, reaching out to both passive and active candidates, and improving the overall candidate experience.

  2. Prioritize training so employees have the right set of skills to succeed in their roles. Provide mentoring opportunities to help employees overcome challenges and reach their career goals.

  3. Foster a sense of belonging by establishing transparency at every level and updating employees on crucial developments.

  4. Provide regular feedback to ensure employee performance is consistent with your organization’s strategic goals. Encourage managers and mentors to help employees devise a detailed plan to produce optimal results.

  5. Take steps to understand employee expectations and ensure a working experience that aligns with employee needs and preferences.

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