Creating Better Experience in Zoho Projects

We evaluated the existing user interface, sketched out different designs, discussed the merits and demerits
of each to have a flexible user interface that is easy to use. After an extensive design journey with many
finally arrived at the new version which we’ve shipped. We are very happy with the outcome
and believe it simplifies your use of Zoho Projects.

Ease of use
This goal is obvious, but what exactly does ease of use mean in the context of a task
entry ?

As an example, for regular task entry, one very important aspect of “ease of
use” is that to enter or edit a task requires very few clicks. This is something done over and over each day and
any extra click quickly turns into an annoyance for the user. That is why the new contextual
are designed to keep the number of clicks to a minimum in Zoho Projects.
Our contextual pop-ups offer a powerful and an easy way to enter tasks, create events in calendar, log
meetings, associate documents/forums and do more right from the same page in matter of few seconds.
Here goes the snapshot showing a contextual pop-up implemented in task details view

Contextual Pop-ups in Zoho Projects
Let me walk through the important changes implemented in Zoho Projects with focus on simplicity and ease of
use :

Customize your columns in task view

Are there certain columns in task view that you don’t need to see each time you log in? For this,
use the new Customize Columns
feature to choose the columns you’d like to hide. Simply click the new ‘Customize Columns’
link and select the columns you’d like to hide and you’re done.
Easily distinguish attached files in tasks

Before, there is no way to differentiate tasks with associated files or forums from the rest. Now,
the newly introduced notes with attachment icon quickly helps you to distinguish
the tasks with associated files/forums from others at the blink of an eye.

Gain more visibility with gantt charts

Great that you can drag and edit gantt charts, but should be able to drag into the next
month rather than stop at the end of the current month. With this update, comes the
custom period which allows you to view and edit tasks beyond current month.
Isn’t it cool? Best of all, gain deep insights about the project progress
with all tasks (open/closed) chart view.
Allocate tasks from resource

Want to allocate a task right from the resource chart view? Just click on a grey bar against a
particular team member’s view and a contextual pop-up gets displayed. With this, enter
umpteen tasks right from the resource charts and save your time.

Learn more about other features from What’s

We see that we did most things right. But as always, we realize that there is room for

And remember, every time you send a feedback, you’re triggering us to work towards making your
experience the best with Zoho Projects.

Log into Zoho’s Project Management Software
, play
around and share your views about the new changes as comments here or mail us at


17 Replies to Creating Better Experience in Zoho Projects

  1. Hi,Thanks for your kind words... :)
    We have actually started working on task duration and will be rolling it out by next month.Stay Tuned !

  2. Thanks for this fantastic tool.Having the possibility of setting up the duration of task in hours instead of days would be a plus and a more realistic approach!Best!

  3. @fouad
    Task duration in hours is the most requested feature from our customers. We've prioritized & started working on this feature and will be made available in one of our upcoming updates. Stay Tuned !

  4. @DaveThanks for the compliments. A customer asking for more is what motivates us to work towards making our product better for them... :-)The suggested features are really nice to have. I've passed them on to our development team. I can't promise a particular date for the all the requested features, but obviously hearing what customers want is what dictates our priorities!We've made a note of them and based on feasibility and priority we'll implement them in one of our future updates.

  5. I love the new features but would like to ask for a few more (i know typical customer never happy...always asking for more)1) Allow Tasks and Milestones to support a baseline date as well as a current date
    2) In the overall summary Gantt chart, allow project timelines to be shown at the project level (not milestone or task like they currently are).
    3) Allow a way to track costs (both resource and fixed costs)Thanks much...keep up the great work!

  6. I really appreciate these changes - been playing with them already for a week or so, and the ease of use on adding new tasks is profound. Really appreciate the continued monthly updates to the product.

  7. Hi Georgy Agafonov,Most of the enhancements and features added in this update are available for all user roles.But few features like resource utilization charts and Project templates are already restricted for following users roles :1. Resource Utilization Charts for
    a. Portal Owner
    b. Administrators
    c. Project Managers2. Project Templates for
    a. Portal Owner
    b. AdministratorsSo the current enhancements done for these features i,e Resource charts and Project Templates are visible only for the respective roles.In addition, please visit" rel="nofollow"> to know more about various user roles and access privileges in Zoho Projects.With Regards,

  8. Hi Cindy,Task duration in hours is the most requested feature from our customers. We have prioritized & started working on the feature. This will be made available in one of our upcoming updates.Regards,

  9. Hi,
    I would like to have the possibility to put hours instead of full days on a task. Some (small) tasks can take only 1h for ex. to do it, but I need to put a full day on it for the moment.

  10. Hi Kevin & William,Thanks for sharing your views.Recurring Tasks feature is already available. Check the blog about the same.ProjectProject Template - We have provided an option to shift dates while creating a project from a project template.This feature helps to shift dates for future projects accordingly. Also task dependencies are supported in Project Templates.Refer the screenshot." rel="nofollow ugc"> on client access enhancements & will keep you posted once it is rolled out.Vijay

  11. I would like to strongly second Kevin's (above) requests for the features:- Recurring Tasks
    - For Project Templates use a timeline (7 -10 day after start of project) approach rather than specific dates that don't apply to future projects
    - For Tasks a Show All Feature
    - The ability to disable company-wide any invitations to clients to access their associated projects (we do work for clients, but do not want them to see our internal processes, and we don't want an employee to be able to accidentally invite a client to see private info)These are some of the only main features remaining we see missing from the software and our workflow today.

  12. These are great and much needed updates. Thank you for constantly improving the software.Here is my wishlist:
    - Recurring Tasks
    - For Project Templates use a timeline (7 -10 day after start of project) approach rather than specific dates that don't apply to future projects
    - For Tasks a Show All Feature would be niceWe've been very happy with your project management software... Keep up the good work!

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