Convert candidates to temps with Zoho Recruit - Workerly integration

It’s been over eight months since the pandemic began, and many of us have transitioned to remote recruitment in order to keep ourselves and those around us safe. While work slowed down initially for agencies, the gig economy was becoming stronger than ever.

Demand for temps skyrocketed, and companies started massive hiring initiatives. Temp workers can save you time and money — From delivery agents to medical experts, certain workers became all the more essential for companies to keep up with demand, keep their businesses afloat and adhere to the appropriate safety protocol.

During a time when recruiters had to change their perspective and start sourcing niche talent, Zoho Recruit helped them do just this. And, its integration with Zoho Workerly further ensured that scheduling and managing temps remotely wouldn’t be a challenge.

Say that you primarily recruit for temporary jobs. You have candidates, but their data is in Zoho Recruit. This new integration is the bridge you need to transport that information to Workerly. This means you can screen and hire candidates with Zoho Recruit, convert them into temps, export them to Workerly, and monitor their employee life cycles.

With Zoho Recruit and Zoho Workerly integration, temp management is smooth and efficient.

Once you have interviewed and hired your temps, just a quick jump to Workerly is all you need to kickstart work. You can schedule and reschedule temps and assign them jobs as per your client’s requirements.

Agents can generate timesheets as soon as a job starts, send them for approval, and close all payments on time. Old-school hand signatures? Say goodbye. Zoho Workerly is now equipped with e-signature capabilities so that approvals can be done in no time.

Zoho Workerly also helps you stay informed about a temp’s availability or unavailability via the worker app and easily assign another temp when needed. You can also keep temps and other stakeholders informed and always updated by sending out periodic notifications whenever a new job is assigned or unassigned.

We’d love you to give these features a spin and let us know what you think.

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