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Temporary work isn’t temporary anymore : The how, what and why

The way people work today is changing. Consider the rising popularity of remote work, shared and co-working spaces, mobile offices and much more. Most people are...

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Make a bigger splash on the job market with Zoho Recruit and Resume Library

We are delighted to announce our latest Source Booster integration with Resume Library, one of America’s leading job sites.  Finding the right talent, in the...

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The year of 2019: Contingent workforce to strategic hiring and everything in between

Most recruiters believe deeply in the work they do. What makes this profession so exhilarating is the joy that comes with helping people find their dream...

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Attachments. Simplified.

Cloud-based technology has many advantages. Working online means we often have files we want to share with teammates or clients. It also means we need...

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Zoho Recruit integrates with Checkr for faster and better background checks

Investing time and effort into hiring a new employee is essential. Recruiters are constantly revisiting and revising their hiring strategies, looking for better sourcing channels, more stringent assessments, and automated workflows that ensure candidate engagement. However, despite all this effort,...

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Fantastic Candidates and Where to Find Them

Finding qualified candidates that are a good fit for your organization is one of the most difficult parts of the hiring process. Fortunately, we can help. These integrations...

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Parse Candidate Resumes As And When You View Them

Resume Extractor 2.0, Zoho Recruit’s latest version of its Google Chrome extension has been designed to make candidate sourcing a breeze with its new and interactive user...

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Candidate Experience: Recruit Ahead of the Curve

Do you realize that everyone you interview is eventually going to talk about your interview process?  “83% of talent say that negative experiences can change their...

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Transform Your Hiring, One Update at a Time.

In life, change is inevitable. In recruitment, change is vital.  It is this “change” that helps recruiters stay on their feet. Yet, keeping up with...

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