Customer spotlight: Ukraine-based MobiDev workforce multiplies after implementing Zoho Recruit

Spreadsheets work well for one key aspect of hiring: registering and keeping track of candidate info. However, they weren’t designed with recruitment in mind. After many years of relying on spreadsheets to manage everything from hiring top talent to organizing their recruitment process, MobiDev realized that they were starting to lose candidate data. Spreadsheets became very cumbersome and inconvenient to use as their organization grew.  

“It was a disaster to synchronize all our work.”

-Oleksii Tsymbal, Chief Innovation Officer

About MobiDev

MobiDev is a software development company that creates intricate business-driven solutions with a focus on innovation, transparency, guaranteed product delivery, and ongoing adaptation and advancement.

Over the last 10 years, MobiDev has created and delivered more than 350 products, bringing innovation to enterprises and emerging companies around the world. Industrial IoT, augmented reality, micro-services, cloud infrastructure, and cross-platform solutions are their main areas of expertise. 

In search of the right tool

Recognizing the pitfalls of using spreadsheets and a rigid recruitment platform, the team at Mobidev began to look for a more flexible solution that could better cater to their specific needs. They needed a tool that would allow them to:

  • Consolidate all their candidate data in one place

  • Customize the platform according to their requirements

  • Focus more on recruits and less on software

“The competition in Kharkiv’s IT labor market is very high. If you want to close your vacancies on time, you have to work fast.”

-Kateryna Strielnikova, Recruiting Team Leader

Striking gold

Zoho Recruit became a huge hit among their team in Ukraine, and now, Mobidev has come to trust Zoho’s recruitment platform to manage its entire recruitment process. Here’s what they loved the most: 

Everything in one place

Zoho Recruit allows them to view all candidate information from one place. 

“What I loved most about Zoho Recruit is that it let me see the entire conversation history I had with my candidates.”

-Kateryna Strielnikova, Recruiting Team Leader

Complete customization

From creating modules to completely changing the entire recruitment workflow, Zoho Recruit gives Mobidev the flexibility they need.

“Another thing I liked about Zoho Recruit is its flexibility. You can customize it to your own needs.”

-Kateryna Strielnikova, Recruiting Team Leader

Candidates come first

With Zoho Recruit, the team at MobiDev is now able to focus on relationships and not just data. This has allowed them to scale up their organization since migrating.

“Since implementing Zoho Recruit, the company has grown from 50 people to 350 people.”

-Oleksii Tsymbal, Chief Innovation Officer

Watch the video to know more.


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