It's Here, The All New Zoho Recruit!

We’re excited to announce the launch of the all new Zoho Recruit. We owe a big one to our faithful customers, who have contributed much to the crafting of this version through their valuable feedback and feature requests.

The four major challenges recruiters usually face are sourcing hurdles, tracking inefficiencies, lack of collaboration and software complexity. To overcome these challenges, we offer you a feature-packed and easy-to-use recruitment solution with the new Zoho Recruit.

We’ve got everything you need to start your recruitment process from scratch, and keep it running smooth and hassle-free.

Look & Feel 

Look and FeelAppearance matters and Recruit now has a sleek and user-friendly interface which is sure to give customers a pleasant user experience. 

Social Integration

Social Integration

The much awaited Social Integration with Facebook and Twitter is finally here! We know that social media plays a crucial role in finding the ideal candidate. Now, you can have your job openings displayed across multiple social platforms and job boards to draw in the maximum pool of candidates possible.

Resume Management

recruit_newui_3Are you hiring for multiple clients and often feel tied down when it comes to deadlines? Using the Formatted/Branded Resume feature, you can easily edit shortlisted resumes, add your company details and remove candidate contact information, before forwarding them to your clients.



If you’re still manually processing email alerts and other tasks within your ATS, it’s time to let go and allow Automation to take over. Using Automation Rules, you can trigger certain actions like sending email alerts, assigning tasks or updating certain fields when certain specified criteria pertaining to records are met. Similarly using Macros, you can perform repetitive tasks across multiple records with the click of a button.

Wait, there’s more to ease your load! You can use Webhooks to initiate third party applications to perform certain tasks by pushing information from Zoho Recruit. Also, by setting up Assignment Rules, you can automate the process of assigning imported records to Recruit users. All you need to do is set these up once and Recruit takes care of the rest.

Document Management

Document Management

As a recruiter you’ll understand how important it is to collaborate with your team members throughout the recruitment process. Taking time amidst your hectic schedule to individually meet them and share information is highly challenging. But lack of collaboration can leave you and your team confused and indecisive. We’ve got just what you need to share information conveniently. Using the Documents tab in Recruit you can create or upload documents and folders containing data that needs to be shared or reviewed and grant access to your team. Your team members can then download the document, write reviews or even update the document.



While earlier you could customize Recruit here and there, this time we’ve given you in-depth customization options. At field-level, you can create custom Fields, Attachment Categories, Links, Note Types. At page-level, you can customize the Page Layout and Search Layout. What’s even better is you can create Custom Modules to facilitate your organization’s unique recruitment needs.

Territory Management

Territory Management

The bigger the organization, the more complex the recruitment structure, requiring more vigorous efforts to organize and share recruitment tasks effectively. Territory Management helps you organize better and faster.An organization with a composite recruitment structure can divide candidates, clients or job openings among their recruiters using Territory Rules. These rules can be defined based on geography, industry, skill level, etc.

Security Administration

Security Management

An advanced ATS also needs a stronger security protocol. That’s why we have stepped up our Security Administration settings. Administrators will control multiple security settings restricting user access to Recruit’s data as well as its features. Now, they can:

  • Define access permissions for individual Users 
  • Control module-level and feature-level access by defining Profiles
  • Control data access for users based on their Roles in the organization’s hierarchy
  • Create Groups to manage a common set of records among a group of members 
  • Extend record access rights to users belonging to other roles and groups by defining Data Sharing Settings
  • Control the access rights of Recruit’s fields and links for various profiles by setting Fields & Links Permissions

 Mobile App

Mobile app

The best part is you’ll be able to do all this on-the-go, thanks to the Zoho Recruit Mobile App, which will be available in a few weeks. We want to ensure that our customers stay abreast with the latest mobile recruitment technology and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of having their recruitment world mobile.

New users who register will immediately start using the new Zoho Recruit. We are in the process of migrating existing customers to the new Recruit, with some temporary limitations.

We’ve got a whole lot more coming your way and we hope you’re all geared up and ready for an interesting journey with our next-generation recruitment software.


17 Replies to It's Here, The All New Zoho Recruit!

  1. This announcement came at precisely the right time, as we had just set out to find a solution for the new hire process. Last night I downloaded the iPhone app, which was delivered as promised - very exciting! Can you tell us approximately how long it will be until the Android app will be available?

    1. Hi Gavin, We're glad you find Zoho Recruit useful for your business. Stay tuned for more features and updates. Thanks, Shirley

    1. Hello Mark, If you are an existing customer, you will be migrated to the new version shortly. Newly created accounts are given direct access to the latest version of Zoho Recruit. Regards, Shirley

  2. This is superb! After a long wait, finally we're able to see Zoho Recruit with all features fully loaded. This will transform Zoho to an Enterprise level Recruitment Software. We've best wishes for the complete Zoho team and Shirley for informing us about the update.

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