Offshore hiring: boon or bane?

Offshore Hiring

Offshore hiring and outsourcing is no new concept. However, the pandemic has changed the whole dynamic of remote work, giving more perspective on how you can fully harness potential resources across the globe.

One such opportunity to utilize is offshore hiring is when you hire and deploy talent from outside your organisation’s locality. These workers are typically sourced from third-party agencies who have already vetted the candidates for their skills.

Like everything else, offshore hiring comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. If the process is managed efficiently, we believe that all organizations can benefit from it.

Here are six reasons why every company should try their hand at offshore recruitment 

Save money

When you start hiring at a global scale, you will be recruiting people from different economies. This means that the competitive salary for someone with the same experience and qualifications that you are looking for could be a lot more affordable in another country. 

Moreover, since you are recruiting remotely, you save money on infrastructure, equipment, utilities, and benefits that you typically provide to your in-house employees.

In some countries, offshore labor also allows for tax exemptions.

Efficient utilization of resources

Borderless recruitment widens your talent pool to candidates across the entire world, giving you better chances of finding the right candidate for your job. Third-party hiring agencies typically give you access to an expert talent-pool that is highly skilled, ensuring that the job is in good hands.

By opening yourself up to regions where there is an abundance of talent, you reduce the chance of experiencing a talent shortage within your organization. Plus, you free up time for in-house staff to focus on more lucrative tasks that cannot be outsourced.

Meet diversity goals 

Offshore hiring has an inherent potential to diversify your team, bringing a constant influx of varying perspectives to the table.

Establish global presence

Recruiting talent from around the world can increase the global awareness of your organization. This opens up new business opportunities that you can tap into more easily when your team has a local presence with potential clientele.

Work around the clock

Hiring people from different time zones ensures that your business can function continuously, even at times of crisis.

Scale up and down easily

Since you are hiring for contract and freelance jobs through a third-party agency, it becomes extremely easy to scale your business based on your needs. It is also easier to let go of talent when their work is not meeting expectations in comparison to permanent hires.

Some setbacks to consider while recruiting offshore 

Offshoring comes with its own set of challenges, but when you take proactive steps to avoid these hassles, it can prove to be exceptionally lucrative.

Language barriers

Even though English is widely spoken all over the world, some accents and dialects might be misunderstood. When communication is broken, it can cause inadequate team collaboration and affect overall work output.

Conflicting culture and traditions

Working with someone from the opposite side of the world can mean that their needs and perspectives might be completely different from those of your in-house team. Not to mention the fact that you need to be more prepared for a vastly mismatched calendar and holidays.

Lack of control

If you are someone who feels compelled to micromanage work, offshore hiring may not be for you. Otherwise, current technology has made it extremely easy to delegate work from anywhere.

Time zone delays

A 24-hour operation also comes with delays in coordinating and approving work due to varying time zones. However, this can easily be managed by having a clear process in place.


Sharing sensitive information outside your organization can have critical consequences. It’s crucial to abide by applicable laws, and you’ll want to be careful about what work can be outsourced and what needs to be taken care of in-house.

Is offshore hiring something you should consider? 

As we have discussed above, offshore recruiting has amazing potential that might be too tempting not to consider. Even though it comes with some setbacks, having a clear idea of your business goals and being more systematic about resource and work management can make this a breeze.


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