Integrated technology to elevate your recruitment process

With zero-code platforms transforming the way we work, recruitment has also become completely digitized. To make sure that you are not falling behind, you need to invest in the right technology. This helps you stay ahead of the competition and makes it easier for you to give your candidates a great recruitment experience.

The recruitment process is laden with intricacies, and in order to ensure that every component of your process is optimized, you need to build a tech stack by choosing the right tools and, most importantly, make sure that they work well together.

To help you take the guesswork out of the equation, Zoho Recruit provides you with the complete package.

Here's how Zoho Recruit helps you handle end-to-end recruitment: 

1) An ATS is the technological backbone of any recruitment process, as it helps you streamline your operations and track the entire candidate journey. Zoho Recruit allows you to find the perfect candidate with advanced filters and intelligent candidate mapping.

2) Integrations: To take the user experience to the next level, it's imperative to invest in a software system that easily integrates with other tools. Zoho Recruit integrates with several third-party applications to help you save time, reduce manual errors, and facilitate communication and data transfer between apps.

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3) Data security: Recruiting candidates involves gathering a large amount of data. It is crucial that the software you choose adheres to data privacy laws and ensures that your candidate data remains secure.

Read more about how Zoho Recruit keeps your data safe

4) Employer branding: Building and establishing your employer brand can make a huge difference in the kind of talent you attract. Zoho Recruit helps you do this with a highly functional career page that integrates with your social channels and enables candidates to directly apply for job openings.

5) Sourcing candidates is the first step in any hiring process. Zoho Recruit facilitates this through various job board integrations and an easy-to-use employee referral feature. After building your talent pool, it's simple to find fitting candidates through our Advanced Search feature.

6) Candidate relationship management and candidate outreach ensures that your candidates leave the recruitment process with the best first impression of your company. This involves monitoring both your passive and active candidates and their progress in the recruitment pipeline. A big part of maintaining good relationships with candidates is establishing continued communication and keeping them aware of their status throughout the process. Zoho Recruit has several tools that keep your applicants from falling into the candidate black hole, including text and email automation, telephony integration, and a candidate portal for candidates to track the status of their applications. Our workflow automations save plenty of time for recruiters and helps them assure timely follow-up.

7) The candidate selection process is tedious, and any mistakes can lead to serious repercussions. Zoho Recruit allows you to improve your quality of hire by including multiple steps to filter candidates. This includes candidate assessmentsbackground checks, and interview scheduling tools. You can also carry out efficient remote recruitment by using one-way video interviews and live interviews.

8) Internal communication keeps all stakeholders on the same page throughout the hiring process. Zoho Recruit makes it easy for you to assign roles and access permissions to team members. With the chat option, you can easily communicate with your team from within the software.

9) Mobile recruitment: Zoho Recruit's mobile app brings recruitment to your fingertips. By using the latest technologies, your organization will look more professional and appeal to a wider talent pool. Our app makes mobile recruitment easy for both recruiters and candidates.

10) Data analytics: In order to continually improve your recruitment process, you need data and feedback. Zoho Recruit integrates with Zoho Analytics so you can access powerful data insights and get the best ROI on your operations. You can also use our webforms and surveys to collect candidate feedback.

11) Technical support: Good communication with the product's technical team can help you use the software to its fullest potential and promote exchange of ideas. Our support team helps you set up the product and provides assistance pre and post purchase.

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12) Customizability: Every organization's recruitment process is unique. The software you use should be able to mould to your requirements. Zoho Recruit allows complete customization of your hiring pipeline.

Building your tech stack

Recruitment software like Zoho Recruit can increase your ROI by improving time to hire, cost to hire, and quality of hire. It elevates your brand perception and professionalism, and it helps you offer stellar candidate experiences. We offer a one-week free trial to help you decide if our software meets your recruitment needs. Sign up here


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