Video interviews: Up your remote hiring game

Video interviews have changed the hiring landscape, helping recruiters and hiring managers understand candidates better while also saving time and resources.

Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, many recruiters have adopted video interviewing as their go-to remote hiring method. Recruiters used to rely on traditional text-based resumes and CVs to screen their candidates and refine their talent pool. As the recruitment tech evolved, recruiters have adopted easier methods to find talent and make informed decisions, even from a distance.

It’s true that resumes speak about the minimum requirements the candidates must have for a job. But what about intangible skills? Or candidates who oversell themselves? A video interview can help you screen candidates more effectively in situations where you have to:

  • Assess the accuracy of applicant resumes

  • Interview candidates across different time zones

  • Look for skills that can’t be described in words

  • Screen numerous candidates in a short time

Video interviews can help you overcome these hurdles and identify talent that might otherwise be overlooked.

What is a video interview?

A video interview is an interactive dialogue done via video between a recruiter and a candidate. There are two types of video interviews: pre-recorded and live. The recruiter and candidate can participate in the interview from any location as long as they have access to the internet and video interview software.

This is a great way to evaluate candidates remotely. Video interviews are conducted in the early stages of the interview process, and they allow recruiters to screen many candidates quickly and effectively.

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Hiring remotely: How to make the most of video interviews

Choose the type of video interview you need

Choose between pre-recorded and live interviews, depending on your requirements. Pre-recorded interviews are great during the early stages of the interview process, like candidate screening. They can even replace the traditional method of using CVs and cover letters.

Collaborate with your team

Collaborating with your team during the hiring process is critical. It promotes fair recruitment and reduces unconscious bias. Involving your team can also help accelerate the hiring process. Collaboration can significantly improve the quality of your hires.

Prepare your questions well in advance

Asking the right questions helps you land the right hire. For pre-recorded interviews, create a set of questions that can be repeated for candidates applying for the same role. This can help your interview process be more consistent and standardized, which helps hiring managers evaluate candidates properly, even if those candidates are less experienced interviewers.

Aim for a good candidate experience

In these stressful times, help your candidates relax. Interviews can often be stressful. During your video interviews, remember to smile often, be friendly, and appear approachable. Let your candidates know that there’s no need to rush. Ask them to take their time, and allow pauses between questions. For example, in pre-recorded interviews, allow candidates to record multiple answers and submit their best ones.

Expand your search on a global level

With video interviews, you can reach out to candidates in any part of the globe. All they need is a desktop or mobile device with an internet connection. Both recruiters and candidates can make a meaningful connection no matter where they are. Suitable candidates need not be turned down simply because of distance. Video interviews remove geographical barriers and make it possible for recruiters and hiring managers to hire candidates without discriminating against them based on location.

Benefits of video interviews

  • Reduce time-to-hire

  • Standardize your recruitment process

  • Improve your quality of hire

  • Promote collaborative hiring

  • Improve candidate experience

  • Expand your search globally

  • Promote fair recruitment

  • Reduce unconscious bias

  • Reduce hiring costs

  • Improve your employer brand

  • And most importantly, meet the real person behind the resume.

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Stay home. Stay safe. We’re in this together.


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