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website visitor notifications

Be it a startup with less than 50 visitors a day or an enterprise with daily traffic in the millions, a website is a goldmine of high-potential prospects and data. If you could connect with every potential lead on your website, what would that do for your conversions?

Let’s look at a few different scenarios:

A startup with minimal website traffic

In a day you have at most 20 visitors to your site. It doesn’t make sense for you to have someone sit and wait for them, but if you got a notification every time a visitor lands on your website, that would be a different story. You’d now be able to have a meaningful conversation with each of your prospects, and greatly increase your chance of converting them. Even if they don’t result in conversions, you’ll gain valuable insights from these conversations.

 An ecommerce app with high cart abandonment

With average shopping cart abandonment rates over 75%, this is a real problem for most ecommerce stores, and reducing it can positively impact growth. Imagine if you were alerted every time a visitor landed on your checkout page. If you don’t see them checking out within a reasonable amount of time, you can initiate a chat to see how to facilitate things further. At the very least, you’ll better understand the primary reasons these carts are being abandoned in the first place.

A sales team working with a CRM

Teams working with huge customer bases face problems organizing and prioritizing the sales flow. A CRM solves most of these issues, but consider these two situations: a salesperson contacting a CRM lead according to his schedule, and a salesperson contacting a CRM lead or open potential when they’re visiting the business’ website. This would not only shorten the sales cycle but also increase the chance of closing a deal.

A SaaS business targeting CTOs*

Visitors on a SaaS website aren’t necessarily decision makers—but what if it was possible to quickly identify and connect with them? All you have to do is set notifications for every visitor who’s designated a CTO, and your dream becomes a reality.

Visitor notifications on mobile

Zoho SalesIQ’s mobile app now has the option to notify you every time a new or returning visitor lands on your website or app. This notification is displayed along with their name or Visitor ID—whichever is available.

If you’ve integrated your account with a CRM, the notification also displays if the visitor is a CRM lead, contact, or open potential. And if you have Clearbit integration, the notification displays the company name of the visitor.

If you don’t want to be notified of every visitor, you can easily set your visitor routing preferences to your liking.

Happy selling!

Get the Zoho SalesIQ mobile app:

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*Requires Clearbit Integration


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