Announcing Zoho SalesIQ - Real-time sales intelligence platform with tight Zoho CRM integration.

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You run an apparel store. There’s a visitor who walked in after seeing your weekly ad. She paces up and down the ‘Outdoor’ aisle but can’t seem to find what she wants.

At this point, you politely step in and have a conversation with her. Turns out she’s just looking for a sweatshirt. You lead her into the ‘Winterwear and Thermals’ aisle and show her a few options. She’s thrilled and picks one of them. Both of you are happy.

What if you could have such real-time conversations with your website and online store visitors? There was no way you could do that ‘polite conversation’ with a visitor, up until now.

Zoho SalesIQ is a real-time sales intelligence platform that gives you the context and features to have meaningful interactions with your visitors and prospects. It also seamlessly integrates with Zoho CRMBelow are few exciting features of Zoho SalesIQ:

1) Zoho SalesIQ ‘Rings’: Intelligent grouping of website visitors.

Zoho SalesIQ Rings

Different kinds of people check out your website. More often than not, they all don’t express the same level of interest. Some just casually check out your website. Some go a little deeper and spend more time. A handful of those look for specific information like testimonials or a particular coupon.

Zoho SalesIQ helps you segment these visitors based on their levels of interest. Once you do that, you can prioritize and spend more time on those visitors who need your attention more.

You can arrange visitors in concentric rings based on criteria like their location, the landing page they just visited, the time they spent on the page or 20 other rules based on their activity.

You can also bring the power of Zoho CRM over to Zoho SaleIQ. Website visitors can also be grouped based on lead, contact and potential data available in Zoho CRM. You can even get notified in Zoho CRM when a hot prospect lands on your website.

2) Proactively engage with website visitors.

Zoho SalesIQ engage with website visitors

When visitors spend more than, say, 5 minutes on the pricing page or on a product detail page, it’s very likely they could use some help. They could have specific questions or maybe they’re looking for a discount. These are good opportunities to intervene and win their respect.

Zoho SalesIQ enables you to hand pick hot prospects and proactively connect with them. A real-time feed shows you how a visitor is navigating through your website. Have a context-rich conversation with them and add value to their visit.

3) Intelligent triggers: Turbo charge your visitor engagement.


The ability to engage with prospects at the decision making pages of your website is the key for closing deals faster.

Zoho SalesIQ automates the process of connecting with high potential leads. You can pick specific criteria that indicate how interested your prospects are. Then you can connect with these people automatically. An example would be people from the US & Canada who spend more than 2 minutes on your pricing page.

Similarly, you can configure triggers based on a visitor’s landing page, number of visits, campaign content or 20+ rules based on website visitor activity.

 You can also configure these intelligent triggers based on data available within the ‘Leads’, ‘Contacts’ and ‘Potentials’ modules in Zoho CRM. The app automatically connects with appropriate visitors, collects initial context and routes them back to your team for a conversation. All you have to do is focus on the relationships.

These are just three of the several interesting features about Zoho SalesIQ. Want to learn more about these features? register for our FREE webinar.


2 Replies to Announcing Zoho SalesIQ - Real-time sales intelligence platform with tight Zoho CRM integration.

  1. Hi Ambi! I am reading in your post that CRm and salesIQ integrate to identify leads, etc. I implemented a CRM form in my website but SalesIQ fails to identify visitors who register on such form. This is: despite the visitor has filled a form and his information is already available on CRM, sales IQ does not tell me who my visitor is... Am I missing something? Is there any workaround for this I am not aware of?

    1. Hi Aitor, Zoho SalesIQ can identify your website visitors only if the "Visitor Tracking" option is enabled while creating the CRM web form. If you have already added the web forms on your website without enabling the visitor tracking option, you have to enable the "Visitor Tracking" functionality once again and update the web form code on your website. Also, can you please share with me the website you have embedded the chat widget?

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