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Move to SalesIQ 2.0

In May 2021, we announced Zoho SalesIQ 2.0, the all-in-one customer engagement platform. We took what started as live chat software and redesigned it to become a customer engagement platform that makes business and customer communication more seamless.

One year later, we’ve reached the point where it’s time to deprecate the old UI and make the SalesIQ 2.0 the default. As of May 4, 2022, you will no longer be able to access the old UI. This means that if you haven’t already switched to the new version, we encourage you to go ahead and make that change now so you can ease into it at your own pace. We know change can be scary, but we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what the 2.0 version has to offer!

Read on to learn why you should switch to SalesIQ 2.0, which offers around 23 new features and 27 feature enhancements, addressing more than 120 customer requests.

Helping users make the change
Primary product revamps or 2.0s are cherished moments for product teams. But what about users who are surprised by a single page redesign or even by moving a button’s position around in the product? Change can cause them to become anxious.

Let’s consider this scenario. Minutes before a meeting, Zylker Realtors opens up SalesIQ to pull a monthly report on visitors to their website. From the product’s inception, Zylker has been our customer and recently switched to the new version. With the recent change comes confusion. Due to the new UI, which is completely redesigned with a new look and added features, Zylker has no idea what to do. This is a prevalent scenario that many products have to deal with when launching revamps.

So, how do we resolve this? We give them the opportunity to switch at their own pace. Once they learn the benefits and are ready for the change, they’ll make the adaptation. Users typically fall into two categories here—those that have been waiting for the recent redesign so they can adopt immediately and those that want to take their time making the switch. We must cater to both the user groups, disappointing neither.

That’s why we at SalesIQ provided beta access to a lot of our users who wanted an immediate switch while allowing the other group to toggle back and forth between the old and new versions, helping them get used to the latest version and switch with ease without anxiety.

Packing SalesIQ 2.0 with new features
23 new features! Yes, we added quite a punch there. You now have access to a simple drag-and-drop interface to build bots, while another feature gives you the ability to create specific bots that automatically pull answers from your resource libraries. We also introduced more integrations with messaging channels, like those for Facebook Messenger and Telegram. Other exclusive features released in the new version include:

  • Fork conversations in chats
  • Use of tags for organization
  • Translation to local languages for better reach
  • Built-in screensharing for aiding customers through complex queries
  • Profanity management to safeguard business ethics

But is 2.0 only about the new features?
Definitely not. With the 2.0 version, we’ve given equal importance to the performance, aesthetics, and ease of use, in addition to the new features.

With new evolving methods of communication, what was working might not be of much use now. That’s why we wanted the 2.0 version to be more than just a new-features list—we also prioritized making it robust and suitable for our customers. We wanted to create a user experience that is faster and more user-friendly, all while retaining the existing SalesIQ features customers are used to and have grown to love.

Providing early access to the new version for our partners and interested customers made it easy to identify bugs, fix them, and ensure a smooth transition. With every minor and major fix, we went a step up. We even had some of our happy customers sharing feedback about the new UI. It was indeed encouraging!

Customer Testimonial about SalesIQ 2.0

It’s time to switch

Why switch to SalesIQ 2.0

Couture Shop LA is not alone. More than 80% of our customers have switched to the new version since its launch.

Refer to our infographic here that shows a usage comparison of all our cool features by our customers in the last 30 days. The numbers indicate our customers’ trust in us and how successfully they are using the new version of SalesIQ.

As we mentioned earlier, we plan to make the new version permanent on May 04, 2022 and deprecate the old UI.

We at Zoho SalesIQ embrace the policy that a product is never perfect, and there is always room for improvement.

If you haven’t tried SalesIQ 2.0 yet, move to the new version today and let us know your feedback, be it what you think is cool or even any constructive criticism you might have.


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