Planned maintenance of our US Data Center

Dear Customers, 

It’s that time of the year again and we thought we should let you know in advance. As a part of our annual infrastructure maintenance, we will be upgrading our US data center infrastructure from September 2nd 2017 to September 10th 2017. We did a similar data center maintenance activity around the same time last year as well. 

During this upgrade process, all Zoho services will continue to be operational and we do not anticipate any major interruptions in using our services. 

We will update this blog once the data centre maintenance is complete. In the rare event that you do experience any issues with our services, please feel free to tweet us @zohocares or email us on and we’ll reach out to you immediately.

If you have whitelisted our Zoho IP address, please include the following IP address also to the list

Update: Sep 2nd, 2017: Due to unavoidable reasons, the maintenance activity has been postponed. We will update the new dates soon.


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  1. Not able to add customers bank details? First, it states it a transaction failure, second the characters max 60? How so, when with your first/last name, ABA, account number, Bank name, savings type and choice of CCD comes out to 77 characters all together? Confused, when will this be fixed?

  2. Dear Peter, I used Yoho's mail service for my company for 2 years ago, these days I sent email to my clients but many of them can not receive my email, when they called me again, I checked it is done, but they received no email. I felt very disappointed about this matter. If this can not solve soon, I have to change my service into Gmail to use for my company. Thanks

  3. Thank you in advance for: - Define a perfect time window to maintenance (weekend) - Properly announce it (more than 1 week before) - Let us know how to contact you (channels of support) I hope everything work as expected, good luck!

  4. Thanks for the notice! But hope we wont experience any downtime on the mail server or data corruption during those periods

  5. I am unable to use my columns in the CRM module, the announcement of the software upgrade is overlapping the columns I need to use to update my leads? please help

  6. Thank you for your notification, it is much appreciated! And so happy its not going to affect service. Good luck with the maintenance.


  8. Dear Peter, Recently, I lost my web site, the systems responsable told my that was a failure in the host. Is that correct? Many thanks for your kind answer.

  9. Ich lebe als Deutscher auf den Philippines. Mit ZOHO.COM habe ich ein eMail-Programm gefunden, das nicht überladen ist aber alle Informationen enthält. Ich hoffe, dass durch das upgrading keine grossen Unterbrechungen entstehen. regards Wolfgang

  10. i LOVE ZOHO!!!! You are a very responsible and responsive company showing your concern for your customers. I tell everyone you are the BEST!!!

  11. Will there be any problems in receiving or sending emails? few hours of delay is fine. But not receiving or sending is an issue.

  12. good day dear sirs, I need my emails to be operationals everytime due to long information and using of the same. thanks and best regards FRA

  13. buenos días tengo un problema correo, al enviarmen infoemacion a el aparece un mensaje donde dice que el dominio de destino no se encuentra o que el buzon del correo del destinatario no esta disponible. Agradecería la colaboración al respecto a este problema.

  14. Hi, Any way to know if my website is located at Zoho in the US or in the EU? regards

  15. Thanks for the update Peter. We love your services. It's neat, easy on the eyes, and user friendly. Hopefully your infrastructure maintenance ends sooner, like Sept. 5th. p.s. It is a Holiday (Sept 2nd to Sept 5th) weekend in US, hopefully this aide in speeding up your process. Regards, Logixs FPD

  16. If this will interrupt the service in Egypt. just let us now in advance. Thank you.

    1. In the US only 4 of those days are business days. 4 days are weekend days (2 Saturdays, 2 Sundays) and 1 day, Monday, is a National holiday. August would not be a holiday period for the US.

  17. Thanks for letting us know i am not the best computer user now iv used Zoho its getting easier. Just the date on invoices has to be easier to change to Australian day first not month first. Thanks you Peter.

  18. Appreciated. Zoho User for all official mails. Hope we do not encounter any problems. One week is too big a period if some unexpected failure happens. Hopefully not. Good Luck.

  19. Are you going to finally fix all the stuff that you made worse in the "new version"? It's still frustrating, I just don't have the time or energy to continue asking you to fix things.

  20. Thank you for let us know, but I wonder if maintenance takes a limited hours during those days or if it´s the whole day..

  21. Thanks for the advance intimation. Any precautions to be taken at our end before the start of this PMS or during this period ?

  22. Hi, Thanks Peter. Could you please let me know if we would be able to use the emails in this period of one week? Hoping to hear from you as soon as possible. Regards, Akash

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