Zoho Customer Support is Experiencing a Slowdown

Service Update: 1600 IST, December 13, 2016

Thank you all for the patience and amazing support you have shown us, as clear from the warmth of the comments below. Our people are safe. I saw dozens of fallen trees and several ripped power lines on my drive to work this morning. Sadly, there are uprooted trees all over the city.

We are still dealing with customer service call backlogs for Zoho services. Voice links are still not back up in Chennai and the mobile network in the city remains patchy. Earlier today we dispatched a team of customer service reps to the city of Coimbatore (about 500 km away) where we will set up another functional customer support center. This will also help insulate us from possible further communication disruptions in Chennai, as repair work gets underway across the city. Chat and email support continue to work. We expect to catch up with the backlog of calls by the end of Wednesday, Dec 14th IST.

Thank you for your sincere enquiries and genuine goodwill.


Service Update: 2245 IST, December 12, 2016

Dear Customers:

Some of you may have experienced slow customer service over the last 12 hours or so. Yes, we have an issue and I want to give you an update.

A severe cyclone, Vardah, hit Chennai on Monday, December 12th and passed over the city several hours ago. All offices and schools in the region remained closed today. Zoho's Chennai office was also closed, with the exception of our customer support staff who came in before the storm hit.

All Zoho services are unaffected and have been up and running. However, customer support has been spotty as communication links have been impacted. We have been rerouting calls to other locations around the world, and from landlines to mobile networks, but we still have a backlog of unanswered calls that may have impacted some of you. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience to your businesses.

The worst of the storm has passed (although it has left some damage), but the lashing rain and gusty winds continue. We expect to get ahead of the backlog over the next 24 hours and achieve normal response times soon. Our employees are OK, and everyone expects to get back to work tomorrow. We thank you for your support and will keep you posted.

As a side note, one of the most reliable sources of storm information and weather updates in Chennai today has been an independent weather blogger, who also happens to be a Zoho product manager.


115 Replies to Zoho Customer Support is Experiencing a Slowdown

  1. I just want to say thank you to each of the Zoho staff members for your dedication. You mobilized everything as best as you could to protect your company and it's wonderful capabilities to help organize companies around the world in excellence. I am happy to hear that everyone is ok and appreciate the kind updates you send to all of us. Your efforts are appreciated. As every message is always sent in a kind and courteous manner. I pray that each and every one of your friends and family members are safe as well. Be blessed.

  2. Hello. I pray that all has passed and the team is recovering well. Do you know if the delays are also contributing to the "search" function? The "search" function does not seem to be working on any of the accounts.

  3. After having to evacuate the wildfires of east Tennessee and their aftermath I totally understand your situation. Take care of your workers and their families. Be safe.

  4. Thanks for keeping us updated. I've experienced hurricanes, blizzards, and earthquakes in my life. The most important thing is making sure everyone is safe. Everything else will follow. Hope everyone is well and unharmed.

  5. Thanks for the information and I'm glad to hear that everyone at Zoho is safe and well. I know you will do a great job, as always.

  6. Saw the extent of the destruction on TV here in the UK. Hope you and your family are safe at work and home. Well said Victoria - the Southern Rail strike has severely disrupted customer service levels in London. The strike is man made but the cyclone is unavoidable.

  7. I'm certainly grateful no one in your company was injured (especially your customer service representatives in the building) during the worse part of the storm. Having worked in a call center myself (years ago) for a company providing roadside assistance nationwide in the U.S., for over a hundred major clients (Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar, Ford, and even Budget Rent A Car, to cite but a few), I can certainly appreciate the loyalty (not to mention the fearlessness) of your employees. Thank you sincerely for the wonderful service you provide to each of your clients, regardless of location worldwide. respectfully, M Lloyd Hudsonmlloydhudson.cedarcreeklake.tx@zoho.com

  8. Thanks for the update, glad to hear your team are all ok cant belive the comments Jon made staff safety comes first.

  9. Why not host your customer support team in a country that isn't affected by severe weather? I've never heard of a UK customer service team stop working because of a weather issue. If you can't sort this, you will lose customers in the long term because as a UK customer, this just isn't a good excuse.

    1. Jon, come on! This is not an excuse?? They have provided an excellent update and evidently worked tirelessly to resolve any issues. Equally there has been no disruption to the service and a re-located customer support team. I commend Zoho for their unquestionable commitment to service. If they were in London, UK (as you suggest) today then they wouldn't be in the office because there is a train strike! (Again!)

  10. I've been to Chennai months ago. Hoping that all is good (staff at the office have the required provision.) The notification was much appreciated and stay safe.

  11. Merci pour l'information! Je suis avec vous! je vous soutien! sans aucun problèmes ! bon courage à vous! et gardez le cap, on a besoin de vous!

  12. My team appreciates this notification and I hope that your employees are all safe and that we look forward to having our ticket(s) answered soon Thanks! ~ Jacob CEO

  13. May lord Almighty protect each one of you and everyone in trouble out there. May you guys always be protected ... Amen Best Regards, Syed H

  14. Thank you for the update. I hope that everyone including your employees and local communities quickly recovers from the cyclone's effects on their lives.

  15. please help. I'm a small business. I have not been receiving mail from some customers not for three weeks, and am now not receiving any emails I have not changed any settings or anything. need help

  16. Wow! So sorry to hear that there was a severe cyclone in Chennai that affected your offices there! So glad to hear that everyone there is OK! May you ALL be blessed and may you all maintain your sparkle! Am sending healing energies to ALL. Thank you to ALL!

  17. I run a business and have been without email since Friday morning. I have e-mailed, left voice messages, and now this. Please have a tech support person call me ASAP! (910) 725-0727

    1. What's wrong with you, can't you see what's happening. We all are here for business and yes it matters, however we all need to show some concern for life at least. I hope you grow up.

  18. I am very sorry for your misfortune with the weather. However, I have been having next to zero customer support over a week and a half. My notes get erased in the description field on many of my contacts as reported numerous times. The Zoho CRM which worked pretty well over the past year and a half is unusable during our busiest season. Please let me know what I should do.

  19. Cordial saludo, Entiendo la situación y les reitero mi requerimiento: ...solicito comedidamente recordarme el usuario administrador, antes era ana.campo@habitatsi.com.co y ahora no me permite realizar la gestión.... Saludos, _ _ Arq. Ana María Campo M, Realtor®, CIPS Especialista Global de Marketing Inmobiliario CIPS: Certified International Property Specialist N° Celular: 317-8532723ana.campo@habitatsi.com.co

    1. Hey Ryan, They have North American staff - a lot of good people in Pleasanton, CA and Austin, TX. I don't know about you, but I'd imagine the cost of having a North American support team on "backup" might increase the monthly subscription cost of Zoho services more than would be warranted for covering what's otherwise been a pretty solid record. Cheers, Len

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