Undo/Redo your actions in Zoho Sheet

Many of our users had been asking for this one – you can now undo / redo your actions in your Zoho Sheet!

For ease of use, we’ve retained the long-standing keyboard shortcuts:

– to undo recent actions one at a time, press CTRL + Z

– to redo recent actions one at a time, press CTRL + Y

These are now supported upto 10 levels – which means you can undo / redo your changes upto 10 iterations back and forth.

The ‘Preview’ option now includes charts too, so that you can also preview charts in your sheet before printing them. Changes have been done to the ‘Preview’ option such that it will show only the current sheet.

Users would recollect that we’d recently made quite a few performance-improving changes to Zoho Sheet – most notably moving our service to a new technologically superior architecture. We’re now happy to announce that we’ve made further changes this week which should henceforth make your sheets load even faster. Do let us know if you can feel the difference – we’ve noted loading times of sheets decrease considerably.

Also, you can now import a file to your account from a public URL – a feature which was earlier available in our Online Excel Viewer. You can now avail of this feature from inside your account too.


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