Zoho Spottings

Some excerpts from blogs around the net mentioning Zoho :

... from what I've seen, Zoho kicks Google's ass in terms of features and usability. Zoho feels a lot like Microsoft Office, something which millions of computer users are sure to appreciate. Also, Google's suite only offers two applications (word processing and spreadsheets) while Zoho has much, much more (presentations, planner, project management, instant messaging, etc.) and most of them are free.

I'd really like to see Zoho win this battle of the online office suites just so Google doesn't dominate everything on the web.

- Mark Punzalan, The RubeCube

... there is never a day without something new from the folks at Zoho. If you’ve never checked out the many web-based tools that Zoho provides (all free) they are MORE than worth a look.

- Gary Price, ResourceShelf

... seems Zoho wants to be everything, offering writing, spreadsheet, presentations, and many other tools. Among the most distinctive and potentially useful is Zoho Creator, which allows one to import a spreadsheet, create attractive forms based on the spreadsheet, and have an online database application up and running in ten minutes or so.

- Jonathan Eunice, Illuminata

... there are so many options here from sharing, to creating templates to seeing the documents history (Psst -- If mess up and save over an older version, I can revert back easily to the original too!) that I can really see why web applications are becoming so popular. They just make stuff so easy ... and the best part is ----- I don't need to install any software!!!!! \

Try out Zoho! See for yourself ---- It's Free!

- Helene Blowers, PLCMC.org

Ken [Kenneth Hamma, keynote speaker at the Museum Computer Network conference] asked the audience to consider how much their institutions could save if they didn’t have to purchase, install, maintain and troubleshoot the Microsoft Office suite of products alone, and instead replaced it with online applications such as Zoho.

- HangingTogether.org

... these programs are slick, very user friendly, and definitely have me psyched about the possibiliy of a ready to go AJAX/Web 2.0 application and office suite.

They also include a very neat tool/option for small businesses and individuals called the Zoho Virtual Office, which acts a lot like your own desktop area to launch any of the previously mentioned Zoho Office programs, a calendar, scheduling items, a work space, and more.

- Bryan Allen, GatorBat's Ed Tech Perspective

Here is what I am thinking: Next time when a frustrated library patron comes to me and ask where to work on his paper/presentation on our library public workstations, I may ask them, do you have a zoho account?

- Catch Up Library Learning 2.0

Also, Zoho forms a part of nice and huge list titled "Computer Tools that Support Learners". And this post has colorful logos of different Zoho services pasted all over it.


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