Unicode is now supported in Zoho Sheet!

Some of you might have noticed in our update last weekend that Zoho Sheet also now supports the Unicode Transformation Format (UTF8, to be specific) – the industry standard character encoding scheme.

Spreadsheet users of different Asian languages like Chinese (see example in picture below) or European languages or users from almost any part of the world can now create spreadsheets using their native (or) preferred language characters in Zoho Sheet!

Another small but convenient feature that we’ve added is support for scrolling of sheets in a workbook. When the number of worksheets increases, the scroll buttons will automatically appear on the status bar at the bottom, near the sheets tab. (see highlighted portion in picture)

Also, selecting a range of numbers in your sheet will now display their ‘sum’ value in the status bar at the bottom near the sheets tab. (highlighted in blue)

Now that we’ve moved our service to a new grid-based architecture, your Zoho Sheets should be loading faster. And lots more coming soon in Zoho Sheet – thanks for all the requests, and do let us know what other features you’d like to see!


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