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Till now, Zoho Show allowed to have your presentations fully private (which you can show as ‘Remote’) or make it public for the whole world to see. Now, you can share your presentations to a select group of friends or colleagues. With the new sharing feature you can set permissions, either ‘View Only’ or ‘View and Edit’. Obviously, ‘View and Edit’ would mean collaboration, where the persons who you shared a presentation with can edit it. Wouldn’t that be handy? (Note: not in real-time though. Only one user can edit it at any instant of time for now and the others users can only view it). A short demo of this feature :

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And the quality of images you upload into Zoho Show have been improved a lot. Open up your existing presentations and you will know. You can also create new presentations and you will see quite a difference in image quality. A slide show of some photos taken at SAP TechEd, Bangalore. (if some the images are blurred or are of bad quality, blame it on my amateurish hands)

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Check out Zoho Show. We will be glad hearing your feedback.


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