Create visually pleasing presentations with Twemojis and Feather Icons

Icons have become an important part of the digital communication world, and they are now slowly starting to play a vital role in the world of presentations. When it comes to slide decks, it is not always practical to use visually engaging images or videos in every slide. However, using text-heavy or visually empty slides in your slideshow is usually not well-received by the audience.

Icons can help find the middle ground and strike the perfect balance between text and visuals in your slide content. Your audience can do a quick scan of your deck to get all the relevant information they need. This can take a bland, content-heavy presentation and simplify the information highlighted in the slides.

With the Twemoji and Feather Icons add-ons now available in Show, your search for the perfect icons and emojis just got much easier. Use these add-ons to break down language barriers and enable visual communication with your audience.

Twemojis: Add a personal touch to your slides by using emojis

Emojis have changed the way people communicate with each other. This holds true for any type of conversation, be it personal or professional. The ability to add emotions to words with icons has added another dimension to digital communication.

For instance, reviewing a company presentation with your teammates can have a lot more clarity if there is an option to add emojis in the conversations. This can help put across what someone feels about the slide better than with just plain text.

You can also add emojis or other symbols to slides when you are addressing a relatively younger demographic. For example, in an onboarding slideshow for
new hires, emojis can emphasize the general best practices to be followed in the company.

Emojis can also be used by brands to humanize their message and set the tone with which they communicate with their consumers, something that can be challenging to do with just words.

The Twemoji add-on for Show offers an all-in-one solution for your emoji needs. Use these icons as visual cues to simplify the way your audience understands your ideas.

Draw attention to your content with Feather Icons

The use of icons in a presentation can add clarity in your communication with your audience. Using icons to complement the content in your slides can help your audience get a better idea of your content.

Consider the two slides below. Would you rather view the one on the left, with all the text content you have to read through, or the one on the right that has supporting icons with minimal reading? Content-heavy presentations are often a major turn-off, regardless of the topic addressed in the slides.

Lets take a look at another example
. When you’re pitching your company to potential investors, it is normal to include a SWOT analysis slide about your product. Which of the two slides below do you think would be more appealing to a potential investor? Using icons simplifies the content and breaks it down into smaller portions, making it easier for your audience to grasp the information.

With the new Feather Icons add-on, Show users get access to more than 200 mono-color icons right within the Show app. Pick from this collection of icons to pave the way for better visual understanding and content retention.

Finally, do some research about the type of people you will be addressing and choose your icons accordingly. Knowing how to best use these icons and emojis can change the way you create slideshows for your organization. They can be the perfect visual aid that adds value and emotion to your slides. Incorporating icons can make presentations clear and comprehensible to everyone.


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