A closer look at the new Bigin—that works for you!

Our aim has always been the same: to make business easy and simple! Bigin's been here for a year now and we could not be happier with how it's helped thousands of small businesses around the world. However, change is essential, to move forward and become better. We wanted to improve Bigin to meet the requirements that businesses have today. So, we've revamped Bigin with new features to make business even easier and simpler than before. (Read about our new features here, if you haven't had a chance too!)

How Bigin works for small businesses - Bigin by Zoho CRM

But how did we know what small businesses required? We spoke to some of the entrepreneurs who use Bigin. One of the people we spoke to was a businesswoman who started off as an entrepreneur back in 2016 running a small laundry service. Her business started small, but grew over the years. After starting with an average of 30 customers per month, she now caters to an average of 350 customers per month. But as the numbers grew, it became harder for her to keep up with all her customers and their data. Managing orders and scheduling pickups and drop-offs became a nightmare. That's when she made the switch to Bigin.

Running the laundry service was initially a one-person show. As the company grew, our customer hired employees to attract prospective clients, manage logistics, and handle different departments. Having multiple users using one pipeline became a challenging task. Managing all the data was possible, but not simple!

That's when we had our lightbulb moment!

Bigin needed to raise the bar in terms of customizability and simplicity. We needed a solution that would simplify viewing and accessing customer data. So we came up with a quick fix to address the shortcomings that our customer faced in her day-to-day business, which we felt were common issues many small businesses would face.

Managing hundreds of orders is always going to be an overwhelming task. We simplified it by allowing users to view only the deals they require. By just resizing stages, you can get a better view of all your important deals by expanding the important stages or shrinking the ones you don't need to see to accommodate as many deals as you can on your screen. This is especially helpful when you have users who only need to focus on a few stages, not the entire pipeline. We've also made deal tracking easier by giving users full control of their pipeline. You can move stages, add new stages, collapse stages, and rename modules according to your business terminology.

For example, in our customer's laundry business, deals are called "orders", so she can rename the "Deals" module to "Orders". In the end, we made sure pipeline management works for you.

Another major requirement for our customer in her business is a built-in telephony, to take orders, schedule pick-ups and drop-offs, reach prospective customers, and receive support calls from customers. You may think only large-scale organizations or MNCs use tools like built-in telephony, but we wanted it to be available to small businesses as well, with more than just basic functionality. With recent enhancements to Bigin's built-in telephony, you'll be able to record, transfer, and queue calls. But how can this help small business owners?

All your phone lines being busy is not a once in a blue moon issue, but your customers might get frustrated if they struggle to get through. To make it easier for them to reach you and avoid the worst from happening (losing customers), the call waiting feature lines up customers in a queue and automatically assigns them to users as they become free.

You can also transfer a call to another user in your organization, so the right person helps the customer. It can also be hard to remember all the details discussed on a call, and keeping important client notes on sticky notes is a risky strategy. With the record feature in Bigin, you can play back calls so you never miss a detail and you can easily pull up records for reference when you take calls and make changes directly from the search results.

We've powered Bigin with a whole new set of features to make business easy and simple, because this CRM is designed to work for you and for your business.


This blog is a part of our "One year of Bigin: More features, more power to small businesses." series. Watch this space for our next blog on how we make the best of both worlds with our new integrated apps in Bigin. So stick around, we have a lot more in store for you.


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