Zoho Show Update

We did an update to Zoho Show yesterday. Many new features have been introduced. The release in a gist:

  • Import presentation files (ppt, sxi) of upto 5 MB (before it was 1 MB)
  • Import happens in the background while you can work without interruption
  • You get notified by email when import finishes/fails
  • Insert images from the web by giving URLs
  • Embed live charts, HTML code snippets & links
  • Set background color for objects
  • Keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl-S (Save), Alt-N (New), Alt-O (Open)
  • Bug fixes including some JavaScript memory leak issues
  • And, we have made a presentation to highlight the above! Click on this Zoho Show presentation & tell us what you think.

    Update: Ramesh comments

    Here is how you can publish a live chart from Zoho Sheet – /sheet/publish-charts.html

    You need to copy the 1 line HTML code for publishing Zoho Sheet chart as mentioned in the above link and paste it into the Insert HTML window in Zoho Show. Changes to the chart data in Zoho Sheet will automatically be reflected in this published live chart in Zoho Show.

    We also have plans to integrate this more tightly.


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