10 reasons why Zoho Sign is a better alternative to DocuSign

The way we conduct business today is radically different from just a decade ago. One of the most significant transformations has been in the way we sign and manage documents, and this shift is largely due to digital signatures. With the emergence of remote work and the need for virtual collaboration, the use of digital signatures has become even more common.

While there are several digital signature solutions on the market, only a few meet all important business requirements. Zoho Sign and DocuSign both aim to fulfill these requirements and earn customer trust; however, Zoho Sign is emerging as the preferred choice for many businesses due to its affordable pricing, unique features, and functionalities.  

From its user-friendly interface to its affordability and enhanced security features, we will explore ten ways that Zoho Sign can help businesses of all sizes save time, increase efficiency, and boost productivity better than DocuSign.

Ten reasons why Zoho Sign is a better alternative to DocuSign

1. Zoho Sign offers a free forever plan, and sets no caps on documents in paid plans

Zoho Sign offers truly transparent pricing. It offers a forever-free plan which allows you to send up to five documents per month, and the other pricing plans are designed to be budget-friendly and accessible for businesses of all sizes. They offer no hidden caps in documents stored or sent, granting you the utmost flexibility. On the other hand, DocuSign doesn't offer a free plan, sets a cap on documents stored and sent, and its pricing tends to be more expensive when compared to Zoho Sign.

2. Blockchain-based timestamping

With blockchain-based timestamping, Zoho Sign takes document security to new heights. When you sign a document, Zoho Sign records its hash in a transaction block on the Bitcoin public blockchain. This creates an unalterable record of the signing event and the document's existence at that precise moment. By leveraging blockchain technology, Zoho Sign provides an extra layer of assurance for document integrity and establishes clear accountability for the signer.

3. Tamper-proof signature and audit trials

Zoho Sign distinguishes itself from DocuSign by incorporating an additional layer of security and authenticity into signed documents. Each time a recipient adds their signature, Zoho Sign seamlessly embeds a digital signature certificate within the document. This certificate serves as verifiable proof of the signer's identity and ensures the integrity of the document throughout the signing process and its lifecycle.

4. Simple and intuitive interface

Zoho Sign has a simple, intuitive, and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. Users can quickly create, send, and sign documents without any technical knowledge, making it more accessible and straightforward for anyone.

5. Better security and data privacy

Zoho Sign is persistent in its commitment to protecting your data privacy and security. Zoho Sign encrypts all user data and documents at rest and in transit over the web. It strictly adheres to stringent regulations such as the GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA, leaving no room for compromise when it comes to protecting your sensitive data. Data integrity is a top priority for Zoho Sign, and it employs a robust set of measures to achieve it. Zoho Sign strengthens the integrity of your documents with multi-factor authentication, access reports, tamper-proof audit trails, and digital certificates. Additionally, Zoho Sign gives you the ability to authenticate signers easily, allowing you to use one-time passwords delivered through email or SMS, or by requiring the attachment of supporting documents to validate their identity, or even by putting signers through a real-time knowledge-based authentication process.

6. Integration with regional trust service providers

Zoho Sign integrates with regional trust service providers to provide qualified electronic signatures, along with eID in the EU, Swisscom trust services in Switzerland and the EU, eSign via Aadhaar and eMudhra eKYC in India, Sign with Singpass in Singapore, and advanced electronic signatures via TrustFactory in South Africa. Zoho Sign also takes a privacy and compliance-first approach to business agreements and is therefore constantly expanding its portfolio of integrated trust services offered within the app. 

7. Tighter integrations with Zoho apps and other popular third-party apps

Zoho Sign sets itself apart as one of the most tightly integrated applications within the Zoho ecosystem, seamlessly integrating with over 15 widely-utilized Zoho apps. Plus, it integrates with popular third-party ecosystems and applications such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Zapier, HubSpot, Dropbox, and Box. By offering such extensive integration capabilities, Zoho Sign presents itself as an all-encompassing solution to streamline your document signing workflows and consolidate your tasks within a single, centralized location. This means that you can effortlessly handle document signing, contract sending, and efficient management of critical paperwork, all from a unified platform.

8. Custom integrations

With its robust REST APIs, Zoho Sign allows you to integrate it with a wide range of apps and services. Even better, Zoho Sign's APIs, webhooks, and SDKs enable you to build custom integrations. This means you can extend the functionality of Zoho Sign to suit your specific needs and seamlessly integrate it with your existing workflows. Whether you want to integrate Zoho Sign with your CRM system, billing software, or any other application, the REST APIs provide the flexibility you need to make it happen.

9. Customer training and support

Zoho Sign offers top-class customer service and support to its users. Our team of support engineers is available 24 hours a day, five days a week to assist customers with any issues. Additionally, Zoho Sign offers a range of training resources, including Training via Zoho Spark, to help its customers maximize its benefits. These training resources are designed to provide customers with guidance on using Zoho Sign, from basic features to advanced functionality. 

10. Generative AI integration with OpenAI Platform via Zia

Zoho Sign integrates with OpenAI, utilizing the capabilities of Zia, our AI-powered assistant. This integration enables you to effortlessly generate concise summaries of their essential documents. By leveraging this feature, you can expedite document processing, particularly when dealing with top-level executives that spend minimal time directly reading and working on paperwork. The seamless integration of Zoho Sign and OpenAI provides an efficient and time-saving solution for businesses seeking to streamline their document management processes.

Start using Zoho Sign to elevate your document management process to the next level. If you're not an existing Zoho Sign customer, head over to zoho.com/sign and sign up for a free 14-day Enterprise trial.

Please feel free to write to us at support@zohosign.com or support@eu.zohosign.com (if you reside in the EU) to share your feedback or to request a personalized demo.

Happy (Zoho) Signing!


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