Top 5 tips for establishing your next attendance policy

Having an effective attendance policy allows you to set clear expectations for your employees and prevent business disruptions. This ensures employees are available at the right times and do not take leave unannounced. Here's how you can draft your organization's attendance policy:

  1. Try to understand your company culture better before building your attendance policy. This will help you decide if your attendance policy should be stricter or more flexible.

  2. Set clear expectations for working hours, permissions, overtime, shift change requests, and time off requests. Specify what counts as an absence and tardiness.

  3. Be sure to specify the consequences your employees may face if they are not able to meet the expectations that you set for attendance.

  4. Explain the check-in and check-out system that you have in place so employees mark their attendance accurately.

  5. Make each one of your employees aware of the attendance policy and store it in a central online space so that they can refer to it anytime.

Read more about how to draft your first attendance policy in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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