Introducing Zoho Sign's integration with OpenAI via Zia

At Zoho, we are bringing the power of ChatGPT and generative AI across the app ecosystem to enhance user experience and help our customers increase their productivity. Zoho apps can now help users compose emails, create summaries, resolve tickets, curate social media posts, and much more.

Today, we're excited to announce Zoho Sign's integration with OpenAI via Zia, our AI-powered assistant. With this integration, you can now get a quick summary of the key details in the agreement or contract before signing. This helps you optimize your time, boost productivity, and focus on your other business operations.

Let's consider a scenario where you need to collect signatures from several senior executives on an important sales agreement. Many times, the signing process is delayed because of their busy schedules and the amount of time required to go through long documents. Now, when such a document is sent via Zoho Sign, these executives can get a quick summary in just a few clicks. As a result, this feature offers a better signing experience and reduces the document turnaround time for the business. 

How does this integration work? 
When the admin has enabled the integration, Zia will extract the data from the documents in Zoho Sign and share it with ChatGPT to produce a brief synopsis of the content.

All the recipients have to do is choose the Summarize document option using the dropdown at the top right of the document viewer page before signing or approving a document. If there are multiple documents, they can select the particular document and specify the range of pages to extract contents from and provide a summary.

Key benefits

  • Simple and easy to enable integration for your signers.
  • Saves you hours of time by reducing the long content into a succinct contextual summary.
  • Provides a seamless document signing experience for your recipients.

To get started with this integration, bring your own self-generated API key from your existing OpenAI account into Zoho and use it to connect your Zoho Sign account to ChatGPT and the OpenAI platform via Zia. This integration is presently available only in our US data centers.

We're eager for you to try it and share your feedback with us. Here's the detailed help documentation for you to get started with the integration. We are also exploring other use cases powered by AI to make your signing experience seamless. Feel free to share your specific use cases with us to analyze and support them in our upcoming releases.

We also offer a 14-day free Enterprise trial for first-time users. If you have any questions or feedback about Zoho Sign or the OpenAI integration, write to us at or drop your comments below.


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